Breast Cancer Treatment in Islam

As we all know that Breast Cancer is a health risk for women. In upcoming days here we try to share breast cancer treatment in Islam. It is seen that around one million women have all the time been diagnosed with breast cancer and also 1 in 9 Pakistani women get this breast cancer in her life.  It is viewed that in all the developed countries, we have the national cancer registries; they diagnosed cancer and treat them. If we talk about Pakistan then we do not have that kind of registry but we do have Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital that does this job. Here we will let you know that what can be the possible breast cancer treatments in Pakistan.

Treatments Of Breast Cancer:

You can have the treatments like surgery and radiation therapy, they are localized treatments, you can also do this chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, they are systemic treatments. We have also seen this recent addition of targeted therapy. It is also viewed that some of the clinical trials have also been offered to patients so that testing of new drugs can be done. All the patients are then encouraged put their role in these clinical trials.

Treatment By Surgery:

We have seen that it is offered at the onset of this issue. It depends on the size of the tumor and also on the location in the breast.  It will only be the surgeon that can guide you that whether you should go for surgery or not. In the surgery, there will be wholly removal of the breast which is called by the name of mastectomy.

Breast Reconstruction:

It is actually the rebuilding of the breast just right after mastectomy.

Breast Chemotherapy Or Hormonal Therapy:

It can shrink the tumor and also help in breast conservation. Though this surgery has too some of the side effects, it can take away your head hairs, only the surgeon or the doctors can better guide you.


Drugs Treatment:

This kind of treatment is used in the clinical trials and it is only for those patients who are the initial stage. They can be treated with the usage of these drugs.

Radiation Therapy:

It has some side effects, though it is used in killing cancer cells.

Targeted Therapy:

It target specific characters of yours cancer cells and then does not allow them to grow in an abnormal way.

So, all these are the treatments that are used in Pakistan for the breast cancer patients. These treatments are available in Pakistan for breast cancer treatment in Islam till our team is not able to collect appropriate method but a treatment is possible so keep searching.

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