Coronavirus Test Price in Rawalpindi Lahore Karachi: Covid 19 Test Chughtai Lab Cost

After hitting other parts of the world now the corona has reached in Pakistan and a large number of peoples are affected by this virus till now. All affected people have been admitted to different hospitals. As per government representative, corona kits had received in government hospitals and people can do the test without any cost. But, these kits are not available in every hospital, so the availability of tests are in specific hospitals. Health secretary of prime minister told us that we had designed 25 hospitals across Pakistan where just treatment starts against novel coronavirus. Now, 800 cases had confirmed while 4000 suspected patients are under observation. On the other hand, Pakistani scientists have succeeded to produce kits against coronavirus and hopefully, some more kits will be delivered by the government to different hospitals in the coming days.

Coronavirus Test Price in Rawalpindi:

To get a free Coronavirus Test in Rawalpindi, only Benazir Bhutto Hospital is specified. But, if you want to get this facility, then Coronavirus test price in Rawalpindi is in between 8000 rupees to 10,000 Rupees.

Coronavirus Test Price in Lahore:

  • Only in Services Hospital Lahore, one can get the facility of free test. And other then hospital the Coronavirus Test Price in Lahore is also in the range of 8000/- that is about equal in al labs.

Coronavirus Test Price in Karachi:

There is two(2) hospital in Karachi named Civil Hospital and Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, where this test is possible without paying any charges.

Meanwhile, the charges of this test in Aga Khan University Hospital and Dow Medical College are also less than the other private hospitals. And other than this, the Coronavirus Test Price is about RS 8 Thousand.

Furthermore, we list down the hospitals, where the services of this test are present.

Lahore Rawalpindi Multan Sialkot Faisalabad Rahimyar Khan
Services Hospital Benazir Bhutto Hospital Nishtar Hospital Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital



Sheikh Zayed Hospital
Allied Hospital

Hospital for the Coronavirus Test:

  • The following Hospital for the Coronavirus Test is always open for the test but they have very limited resources and worked in them.
Karachi Private Hospitals Hyderabad Quetta Peshawar Islamabad Gilgit Baltistan Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Aga Khan University Hospital Liaquat Hospital Fatima Jinnah General and Chest Hospital Muhammad Teaching Hospital Pakistan Institute of Management (PIMS) Civil Hospital Hunza CMH Rawalkot
Dow Medical College  

Jinnah Teaching Hospital

DHQ Gilgit DHQ Mirpur
Prime Teaching Hospital DHQ Chilas DHQ Kotli
Painless Hospital DHQ Skardu DHQ Neelum
Khalil Hospital PDSRU DHQ Jhelum Valley
Zia Medical Complex DHQ Karimabad DHQ Bagh
Mercy Teaching Hospital DHQ Haveli

Covid 19 Test Chughtai Lab Cost:

  • It’s clear on their website that Covid 19 Test Chughtai Lab Cost is now 7900. Apart from them, many other private laboratories are charging the same amount.

for this the price of this test

Coronavirus Kit Price in Pakistan:

Corona virus kit had made by the University of Punjab and they had delivered in different government hospitals as well as the availability of kit is not in the market. The actual price of 800 rupees had launched by a Pakistani scientist. He announced that very soon we will deliver some kits in the local market.

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