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Easy Tips to Increase Height in Urdu Ways to Grow Taller

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    People with short height, especially men usually are lacking in self-confidence. For them How to Increase Height Naturally in Urdu Easy Tips for Height Growth After 18 21 22 must help one to grow it faster Ways to Grow Taller. The few inches of height become the most anticipated thing for them. Being tall can boost your confidence and your personal feeling about yourself. The determining factor of person’s height is genetic heritage. Human growth hormone (HGH) regulates human height. There are also some other factors that can effect human height in certain conditions. These factors include poor post natal care, poor health during early childhood, low weight at the time of birth. Though all these factors play important role in human height yet you can add few inches to your height by adopting some height increasing habits in your lifestyle.

    Here are the ways that can increase your height

    • Drink at least two or three glasses of milk daily. Milk has calcium as basic ingredient that is essential for human growth. It also works as a height booster. Milk also contains vitamin A that is necessary for overall development of human body.
    • Research has proved that there are some specific yoga exercise that can facilitate the growth inducing hormones to release frequently and properly. You can increase your height by doing some yoga exercise regularly. The yoga pose that is best for height is “Surya Namaskar”. It is comprised of 12 different postures that can definitely boost your vertical growth.
    • Healthy sports can also stimulate the growth hormones that contribute in increasing your height. Indulge yourself in different sport activities.
    • Skipping us an easy to do exercise that can boost your height after regular repetition.
    • Stretching exercise can also contribute in adding few inches to your height. You can do simple stretching exercises at home several times a day to enhance to height at any age.


    • Proper deep sleep is also a factor that indirectly helps in boosting your height. The reason behind it is that the human growth Hormone (HGH) which are responsible for human height are produced when the person is in deep sleep. So have a deep sound sleep every night at least for 8 long hours. During sleep, when body is completely relaxed, the brain releases more growth hormones.
    • Thus, there are still ways to increase your height. So, you do not have to get disappointed, try these tips on regular basis to get positive result in few months.

    These Easy Tips for Height Growth After 18 21 22 must help for gaining purpose that How to Increase Height Naturally in Urdu and English that is helpful to understand for everyone Ways to Grow Taller.

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