Gym Exercises for Chest in Urdu

The exercise is very necessity for a good health which is make healthy life. The gym exercise is also very necessary for humans especially for excellent chest. Some details of Gym Exercises for Chest in Urdu as well as in English is given there. The first thing that everyone notices on a great male physique is a big, thick, round chest. Everyone wants to makes a big chest for a beautiful body. There are many ways to fit or the big chest through gym. First thing is that you need to do heavier set. Tech the central nervous system to fire more motor units at the same tome and the muscles can contract faster, tighter and harder. The most effective way for best chest to do proper time for gym and to do this is by training your chest every week. For a big chest the best thing is that you can do are heavily multi-joint movements. No matter you are hitting a flat bench or an incline with dumbbells; you have to put extreme stress on the muscles strong to make them grow. The most common exercise to create that upper chest is the incline bench. To make your chest effective guys tend to chest by lowering the angles so it’s most like a flat bench. If you use the incline bench so you don’t rely your shoulders and use strict form and remember to contract your chest. Barbell Neck press is one of the best gym exercise for chest. The method is that to set up a flat bench on the gym machine to safety and align the bar so it will come down right below your Adam’s apple.


Start with the light weight and do the movement slowly. You make sure that not overly externally rotating your shoulder and you come down as you as you can to your neck without any pain. One thing remember you are concentrating on your chest and don’t need to lift a highly weight. Another methods of exercise for chest the modified incline dumbbell fly. To modify incline dumbbell do this incline movement on a 45-degree on the incline bench and starts with your hands manage at hip level with moderate light dumbbell in each hand. Arch your back and keep your chest high and handle the weight up across the body in a hugging motion until they reach face level.

There are so many ways in gym exercise to make a perfect chest like incline push-ups, Seated chest press and seated chest fly etc. Concentration on the contraction of your chest and don’t too much weight lift. Everyone dream to building the chest but no a difficult once and every one avail this chance through gym and keep smiling every time on your face. Every one say in the gym you took lift heavy weight but they totally said wrong and its increases your worries. The one thing is that for a big chest you don’t lift heavy weight if you do so you do a big mistake.

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