How to Register Mobile IMEI Number in PTA? DIRBS Verification Registration

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    In order to stop the smuggling of the phone, this government takes a step to register all mobile phones under the supervision of PTA. The process that how to register mobile IMEI Number in PTA is easy to understand.  Basically, the system of this registration is termed as DIRBS Verification. Moreover, it’s a Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System, that is now responsible for all working of this mega project. Apart from the stoppage of smuggling, this system all reduces the mobile theft. Because through this a complainer is also blocked his device too. Simply, this project has long-lasting benefits. That will ensure only legitimate phones for the buyers.

    How to Register Mobile IMEI Number in PTA?

    It’s really simple; one just needs to send Mobile IMEI Number on 8484.

    In response to this message, one will receive the status of your phone. But one must need to understand these SMS. Check out the meaning of these messages below.

    • 1: Phone is Compliant (Your Phone is already registered)
    • 2: Your phone is Valid, but it’s necessary to register it. So, for auto registration, one must need to register it by calling at any number.
    • 3: Your status is Non-Compliant. In this case, it necessary that one will insert all sim in it and use them before the end date of registration.
    • 4: Your phone has Blocked

    How to Verify IMEI Number From PTA online?

    • For local phones, one will also check the verification via an online portal and manual way to verify IMEI number is also simply to do.

    DIRBS Verification:

    The process to get your IMEI is clearly giving in a later portion of this writing. This is not a lengthy or some tough type of practice.

    For imported phones, the registration process is entirely different from the local. In order to get it registration, official launch an only system.

    • Check your Confirm the Status

    After completion of the login form, the system will ask about the IMEI number.

    DIRBS Registration:

    The way of registration is also very easy.

    How to Check the IMEI number of Phone?

    • It’s clearly mentioned on the back of the phone. Otherwise just *#06# and get your number.

    the status of your device

    No doubt, this is the major device that uses for any type of illegal activity. So it’s your responsibility that you must complete the registration of your phone from PTA. And those who do not confirm that their mobile is a register or not. They must use DIRBS Verification and check the current status. This all has done just for your benefit, so your cooperation is necessary for every user.

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