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What to Eat During Pregnancy in Urdu Diet Chart 5 6 7 8 9th Month

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    If you are an expecting mother then it is only your diet that matters a lot.  No doubt these days are full with lot of up and down about different health issue, especially 5 6 7 8 and 9th Month are more crucial. During Pregnancy a major issue to understand is that what to eat, because one never likes to swallow anything. A diet chart is here in English that is also easy to understand in Urdu.  You have to remain careful in your plan. This all has benefits on child growth, because health of mother is directly attach with baby. So if mum is good, automatically development of attached kid will go in better way. Apparently these all things look small but this has strong impact.

    5 6 and 7th Month Pregnancy Diet:

    • In this time period, you should be having 450 calories in your diet and that too on the per day basis. In your eating, you should have the intake of iron and also protein rich foods.
    • You should have red meat; try to have rice and also seeds, beans and other kinds of poultry foods are also best to eat. In short, you should have the foods which are rich in calcium.

    8th Month Plan:

    • During this time, you have to make sure that you have minerals and too lots of vitamins in your diet. Do have those foods which are loaded with iron and also calcium. In your delivery of your baby, there will be some blood loss and you need to keep in mind that your body should be wholly packed with iron so that it can replace that blood loss.
    • You should take green leafy vegetables, have some dried fruits and too lean meat. You can eat and some of the dairy products. Try to have foods which are rich and packed with proteins and fats.

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    Final 9th Month Diet:

    • In this last month of your Pregnancy, you should be having and taking the low fat milk. Do keep on taking the dairy products because they will be making your bones stronger.
    • You should be having the intake of maximum in amount of fluids.
    • Have the fibrous food in your diet plan because they will be smoothening up your labor pains. Go for the brown bread because they are more packed with carbohydrates.
    • Have and take the moderate amount of nuts and also seeds in your diet.

    Do keep on taking your mineral supplements; one can says that everything that helps one to resistance against upcoming weakness is good during this time. Mean while be happy and positive because confidence is more than anything else.

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