Health Benefits of Fasting in Islam during Ramadan

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    The holy month of Ramadan is best time for Muslims to sacrifice, give, and do pious deeds as well as actions, do fasting and the most of all doing self-training. Hence, this sacred month provides both spiritual and health benefits to Muslims Ummah. It is proved that Islam wants a Muslim to be clean, agile, alert, energetic and healthy. This is a month of that makes a person spiritually and physically strong. Furthermore, medically it is also proved that this practise is somewhat different from diet plans the calories a person intake during this month is seen at or below the nutritional requirements. In this article we are sharing the health benefits of fasting in Islam during month of Ramadan.

    Reduces Weight When a person feel hunger, then the fats in the person body started to burn eventually it makes person more energetic and in this way it is very beneficial in reducing the weight of a person.

    Recover Insulin Sensitivity When a person spend several hours without eating something, then he will be able to endure carbohydrates easily then the person who didn’t fast. This leaves a positive influence on the insulin then in its result, cells works and they are start taking glucose from the blood.

    Improves the Metabolism System During fasting the digestive system was on rest, then it energies the metabolism in our body to burn calories in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, it regulates the digestive system and supports all other body function healthy. Thus in this ways it increases the metabolism function.



    Helps the Brain to Function BetterThis boosts the protein that prevents the brain cells from changes that are associated with the Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Improves the Working of Immune System These helps the immune system to work better. It regulates inflammatory conditions and lessens the free radical damage in our body and starves off the formation of cancer cell.

    Flawless Skin When a person doesn’t eat for several hours then the body cleans up all the toxic material inside the body and regulate all other organs, after this all parts to work better then in this way in very helpful in making the neat and clean skin. Therefore, it prevents the acne problem. During month of Ramadan these all are the health benefits of fasting, while in Islam its importance is too much high.

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