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    Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the country which came into being on the basis of Islam: the religion that should be the root of every ideology of Islam and Fashion in Pakistanthis country. Islam with all its teachings must be essential part of its tradition, customs and culture in every era. Given this note, let us discuss the overwhelming craze for fashion in Pakistan.

    Pakistan, being a third world country, is not establishing enough to spend a lot for the sake to fashion. In this time of modernization and globalization, fashion changes every now and then People become more aware of this ever changing cult of fashion through mass media. To be called fashionable and trendy, an obsessed person and especially a woman can do anything or everything. Now a days, fashion has apparently become a symbol of modernization in our country. Our women are so obsessed with fashion trends as if they have included it in the list of basic necessities of life. The name of the designer or price tag of the dress has unfortunately become a class defining factor of our society. Apart from this fashion inflicted elite sector of sector of our society, there is another group, people of which try to  or are forced to be simple and modest due economic crisis, are plainly tagged as backward and narrow minded by these elite fashion holders. Those who are unable to afford these fashions, in order to escape from inferiority complex, indulge themselves in crimes and unlawful activities to come to the level of fashionable class.

    After discussing this crucial situation in which the constant strife between the elite fashionable class and the not affording sector of society is getting intense day by day; let us come to the religion of these people. Islam has always taught the lesson of simplicity, modesty, harmony and equality. Material things and riches are the cause of superiority. Pomp and show is never promoted in this religion. On the other hand, it has also taught the limitation of clothing. It has clear instructions which tell us how Muslim men and women should dress up. If all its teaching be followed, it will ensure social harmony and equality. But the trends adopted form west and neighboring countries are promoting this stuff. It seems that Muslims have forgotten their religious obligations and ethical considerations.

    It is high time for the Muslims of Pakistan to wake up and release this fact that the global fashion trends can be anything from demure to bold but the real identity and grace of Muslims is in simplicity and modesty. They should find their role models in Prophet not in the sinful, fashion ridden and superficial western world.

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