Crown Motorcycle New Model 2020 Price in Pakistan Bike 70cc 125 Lifan

Surprisingly, this is the only bike whose mostly auto parts are preparing in this country. Its mother company has a wide range of experience in spare parts manufacturing. Their major infrastructure has situated in Sadiqabad. From last few years, they manufacture different type of bike. Now as the new year will set to start crown motorcycle new model 2020 price in Pakistan is ready to launch. Among these, the most demanded bike is Lifan 70cc and powerful 125. These are low price vehicles; they cater and target each and every income individual. Its right to says that they are economical and having long-lasting performance. These all features and low price will make you become the buyer of this brand.

It’s a piece of information that this is the best option to buy because its spare parts are also here in the local market.

Crown Motorcycle New Model 2020 Price in Pakistan

The overall Crown Motorcycle New Model 2020 Price in Pakistan is consisting of different variants, so one will easily pick among them.

Top Models:

  • CR 125 Euro II

Price: 70,000/-

  • CRLF 100

Price: 55,000/-

  • Jazba 7occ

Price: 42,000/-

  • CRLF 70

Price: 43,000/-

Note about the rates:

Crown Bike 2020 Price in Pakistan:

  • Maybe, this time the company will revise the prices of the motorcycle. So, hopefully, a new list will public soon.

Major Specs:

This bike has two starting options. One is traditional that is through KickStart, and second is the self-start ignition.

  • This is the first introduction that will claim to travel 80 Kilometer with 1 Liter Petrol, which is now the best efficiency.

Its features include fuel storage, weight; compression and also displacement are the same likewise other bikes have! It can give you an exclusive kind of drive.

  • It has this resistive kind of suspension system and this has been installed right in its shocks.

All of its headlights and its indicators are made from crystal.

  • Is frame has a backbone type, that makes it’s solid as a well stylish one.

a bike pic


address of bike

Make sure all rates from these above numbers, they will give you the most accurate idea of every inquiry.

 Last but not least is its best sale and purchase, now this is a market vehicle. One can easily find it to buy and also it’s not a difficult task to sale it. This is one important aspect to consider before buying any motorcycle. Further, its performance makes all claim clear. They make it’s to full fill all needs hope so it will make dream true.

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