Huawei Y7 Pro Price in Pakistan 2024

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    Definitely, Huwaei Y7 pro is a cell phone equipped with most advanced features. Compared to the specs, Huawei Y7 Pro price in Pakistan 2024 is really sensible. It’s operating system is Android 8.0 that made touch sharper. While, 1.4GHz Octa Core Cortex-A53 processor made its processing quicker. For sure, 6 inch big display is comfortable for the user especially when using the new feature of a split screen, where two apps can be used simultaneously on the phone. The new camera feature made it unique, where a user can tap the screen with three fingers to click the photo. The internal memory of 64/128Gb allocates huge saving capacity.

    Battery timing is the most important for the users and here it came up with 20 days standby time 3000mAh battery. Oh, it’s just amazing.

    Huawei Y7 Pro Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • After encompassing so many features, the Huawei Y7 pro costs only 30,000 Rupees. Yet, this is not the company price of this phone. Hopefully, it will confirm soon.

    Huawei Y7 pro brings the unique experience in mobile phones with its advanced and unique features. It gives reliability, comfort, uniqueness, new features, and speed to its user. The huge screen, faster operating system, advanced processor, big RAM, extended battery timing and new features (split screen and capture screen innovation) makes it better than others.

    In a country like Pakistan, where electricity failure is a problem, long battery timing is an essential need. The split screen gives the freedom of multi tasking, which is a growing trend amounting to the necessity of the time.

    Huawei Y7 Pro Specification:

    The underneath chart covers the major features of this phone.

    Screen Size 6 inch HD
    OS Android 8.0, EMUI 8.0
    Processor 4GHz Octa Core Cortex-A53
    Screen Split Feature
    Security Easy Capture by three fingers on the screen
    Battery 20 Day Standby Time
    • Phone:

    for this phone

    Noise cancellation is also a new feature in mobile, which is great to capture video with no background audio, using a dedicated mic. That feature especially adds to the comfort of singers, who may capture their singing without the background noise.

    This is a fine phone that encapsulates all the specs which satisfy the demand of today. It has extended battery timing and huge 20 days backup. It has sharp touch speed, high processing time, split screen feature, touch screen pic capture feature, noise cancellation spec, and a big screen. By seeing all these features, Huawei Y7 Pro 2024 price in Pakistan is worthy for any the users.

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