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    Being one of the first SUV, this is yet a much affordable family automobile. Compare to the Honda BRV price in Pakistan 2024 model then all other SUVS are expensive. Although, their outer looks are more attractive and they are also with better specs. But, with this, their auto parts are also costly and few of fuel issues also exist in them. So, there are overall advantages and issues present in any of vehicle. At start, there are rumors of few technical faults in BRV. Like it sound changes after 120 Speed, as well as, it start body start vibrating after this limit.

    But, now increase in its sale shows that most of these speculations are fake. From drive to all other basic specs and features, this is a more then good SUV.

    Honda BRV 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    One of major edge of Honda BRV 2024 is its price in Pakistan. It’s “BRV i-VTEC S” variant is now in approx. 66 Lac Rupees. Surely, this will give you a idea that how its price is lesser then the other newly launched one.

    Honda BRV Model Price(Approx.)
    • 6,590,000 Rupees for Filers
    • 6,690,000 Rupees for others

    Indeed, BRV is the only one that assembled locally by Honda here in Pakistan. This is one of the biggest benefits in long term. The spare parts and other technical faults of local cars are easy to manage then the imported ones.

    Honda BRV New Model 2024 Interior:

    From the Push Start to the Steering Switch Audio Control and modern front and AC control is part of its interior. The leg space for all of the seven passengers is very good. While, the comfort ability of seats is also up to mark.

    The pic clear that how fine is the room of Honda BRV. While, it’s ground clearance is also very good for both cities and rural areas as well.

    A INNER of the BRV


    Compare it with:

    Few other Imp FAQ:

    Fuel Average/Consumption of Honda BRV in Pakistan:

    The speculated average of BRV in Pakistan is very difficult to diagnose. Yes, 15 to 20 KM per Liter is the rumored fuel consumption on the petrol.

    Seating Capacity and Fuel Tank Capacity:

    A family of 7 peoples can easily travel on it. Even, no need to worry if you have one or two extra kids from this capacity. Meanwhile, 42 liter is its tank capacity that is also a good number. These all these options are well justifying the Honda BRV price in Pakistan 2024. But, if you are more crazy regarding the outer looks then you must need to go someone else.

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