How to Make a Car more Fuel Efficient in Pakistan

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    Now-a-days every man dream to have a car to move with. Person to person according to its wealth model, looks, company of the car varies. But make a car more fuel efficient one truth is that everyone needs car according to its pocket. There are many companies manufacturing the cars and are being available in Pakistan. But the one of the most important point while purchasing a car is the fuel and its efficiency, that how much a car can mileage in a minimum amount of fuel. Now -a- days CNG is not much available easily in Pakistan so we are depending upon the fuel in form of patrol, diesel and Hi-Octane.

    There are main seven points if we do care of them, than we can easily make a car fuel efficient.

    One of the basic Point, have a fuel from a pump which is more reliable and provides the best quality of fuel. The dust in fuel reduces the efficiency of engine and mileage of the car.

    Secondly: run a car at a very moderate speed; if you are running at a rough road reduce the speed and drive carefully and if you are driving at a polish road drive carefully but in a effective good speed.

    Thirdly: Tune up your engine at every particular mileage suggested by the manual of the car. Don’t be negligible to tune up your engine as it also reduces the efficiency of your car fuel.

    Fourthly: check your air filter properly. If the filter is dirty change it immediately in order to get proper fuel efficiency by the car.

    Fifthly: don’t be very panic in accelerating a car after brakes. Avoid using the un-necessarily brakes as it reduce the speed and speed reduce the efficiency of the fuel.

    Sixthly: Don’t Put extra load on a car. Put a particular amount of the load a car can bear easily. If you put extra load than it will reduce the efficiency of the fuel and also badly affect the engine of the car.

    Seventhly: check properly the air of the tyre, if air in the tyres are less than fill it properly don’t drive roughly the car on the road as it will jerk the engine and reduce the efficiency of the fuel and the performance of the engine.

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