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    It is since from last four years that Mitsubishi has not launched any of its latest models and car versions. But for this year 2016, we have this redesign Galant 2016 model on its way. Hope so this year it also comes in Pakistan after its launching one get its exact new price that may be increase because of latest feature and specifications. Basically this model is based on the concept of ZT models. Its dimension will be same like that of other luxury vehicles that available in this country. You will be having it in three of the versions and they are SE and also GT. It is too available in the version of ES. All these 3 of the versions comes in the same price ranges that are differentiate with some specs changing.


    • It comes with a long kind of streamlined body. You will be having an aggressive and sporty looking front bonnet.
    • Its grille has been divided into two segments. You will feel that its body material is quite lightweight but its manufacturing is quite solid one.
    • This model comes with a rear view camera, Best front seats are there. You will be having instrumental panel and also micron filtered kind of air conditioning system in this car. This amazing car has a leather packed and inducted steering wheel.


    • It has a 4 cylinder engine and comes with powerful engine. It has an automatic transmission CVT system. You will be able to reach at 60 mph in just time period of 9.6 seconds.
    • This has better and an efficient one fuel capacity. If we talk about its safety features then it is encompassed with dual kind of clutch transmission and a rear view camera. It has also a cruise control system for your safety.

    Price of Mitsubishi Galant 2016 in Pakistan: 35 to 40 Lakh

    This is not exact one because officially it’s not release in this country. This car equipped with latest technology features. It is an economical car and comes with suitable features and applications which every car lover wants to have! Although apparently its price looks quite high but if one compare it with other same specs car then this is best one. One must put this car in the list of luxury one.

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