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    In the middle of many Toyota models, this is very good to have launched here. But there is a lot of uncertainty about the Toyota Aygo 2024 Price in Pakistan. The reason is that it’s not assembled locally. For the information of the people, the import of this vehicle was started by many dealers. But a number of them have closed the booking because the limit has been met. As per some rumors they will exceed the booking limit because many people are looking at the procedure of how we can book this car. Basically, Toyota is giving outstanding features in this vehicle. If we can compare this vehicle with Vitz that is not wrong. Further Toyota Aygo 2024 Price in Pakistan is fluctuating that majorly depends on the dealer, so must compare this price with the market.

    Toyota Aygo 2024 Price in Pakistan

    On average, the Toyota Aygo 2024 Price in Pakistan is started from “31 Lakh” in Pakistan including import duties. Further, with the increase in specification then the price will increase.

    Toyota Aygo Price in Pakistan 2024 31 Lakh

    Toyota Aygo Specs:

    Multiple specifications are going to mention who is offered by the company. On the other hand, if you will buy this car then you will when you are traveling on a plane. Because this is an extra luxurious car.

    Cylinder Configuration It’s In-Line
    Engine Power An fine 69 hp @ 6000 RPM
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Fuel System EFI
    No of Cylinders 3

    Some main specification of this vehicle is mentioned while many of the other specifications exist. Furthermore, you can complete a package under 31 lacks.

    Toyota Aygo Fuel Consumption

    Now, everybody looking at the Toyota Aygo fuel average in Pakistan which is 15km. People prefer this vehicle that gives good mileage under one-liter petrol.

    Toyota Aygo Fuel Average 15 KM

    Toyota Aygo Fuel Tank Capacity

    Basically, Toyota Aygo considers a small vehicle and the fuel tank capacity of this car is not good. Becasue you can store just only 35 Liter Petrol.

    Fuel Tank Capacity 35 Liters

    Toyota Aygo Colors

    This is an imported vehicle and we can not give exact color info but in Pakistan, this vehicle is available in three different colors.

    • White
    • Black
    • Blue

    Toyota Aygo Dimension

    Length 3410mm
    Width 1470mm
    Height 3470mm

    Toyota Aygo Engine Cc

    People who are looking at Toyota Aygo How many Cc Engine Size is given in the below table. Moreover, this car comes with just only one type of engine.

    Toyota Aygo Engine Cc 996Cc

    Toyota Aygo Ground Clearance

    According to Pakistani Roads condition, the ground clearance of this vehicle is good but not able to drive on a mountainside.

    Ground Clearance 190mm

    Toyota Aygo Spare Parts in Pakistan:

    • Overall, the Toyota Aygo Spare Parts are the same as the Vitz that are easily there in the Pakistan market. So, the availability of its parts is not a big issue here.

    Other info about Toyota Aygo

    Some silent features that are given by the company to the customers are going to write in the content table. Before buying other cars kindly one time read the silent features of this car and then decide the purchase a new car.

    Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L
    Gearbox 5 speed
    Transmission Type Automatic
    Air Bags Yes
    Power Windows Yes, they are.
    Anti-Lock Braking System Yes
    Power Steering Absolute Yes
    Rear Wash Wiper Yes

    A few specifications of this vehicle is mentioned on this page and you can know the thousand of the specs from dealers and showroom where this car exists.

    a beautiful car

    Now people can check the Toyota Aygo 2024 Price in Pakistan along with complete specifications and features that exist in this car. Meanwhile, the Toyota Aygo milage is really fine, as well as, it gave extra performance compared to other same types of automobiles. Furthermore, Toyota Aygo looks gorgeous while the front light of this vehicle exists in a unique style.

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