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Facts About Pakistan

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    Pakistan is officially known as Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asia. Pakistan is famous for many facts like four seasons, mountains, world records and other things. Last year, Pakistan is getting very popular because of different world records. In this post, we will discuss interesting and important facts about Pakistan. The main and important facts about Pakistan are as follows:

    Facts About Pakistan

    Facts About Pakistan 001

    1. Firstly, Pakistan is considered to be the second largest Muslim country in the whole world.
    2. Secondly, more than almost 60 languages are spoken in Pakistan.
    3. Pakistan has 6th largest military army in the whole world.
    4. Another important and interesting fact about Pakistan is that this country has four seasons such as spring, autumn, winter and summer.
    5. Almost 1.7 million Afghanistan refugees live in Pakistan.
    6. According to British magazine, Pakistan is considered to be the world’s most dangerous country in the whole world.
    7. In 1965, Pakistan became the Islamic republic country.
    8. Pakistan is the first Muslim country to get nuclear power.
    9. Pakistan is the first Islamic country who founded the organization of Islamic conference.
    10. Apart from Muslim majority, there are almost 656 gurdawaras and 327 Hindu temples are located in Pakistan.
    11. Pakistan has the largest and biggest irrigation system in the whole world.
    12. Moreover, Pakistan is the proud owner of world tallest cake record.
    13. Pakistan has best trained and incredible air force pilots in the whole world.
    14. Pakistan has youngest civil judge in the whole world named as Mohammad Ilyas.
    15. Pakistan has 7th largest collection of talented engineers and scientists.
    16. According to research that almost more than 50 percent of footballs are made in Pakistan.
    17. Pakistan has 4th largest and fastest broadband internet system.
    18. The youngest and intelligent Microsoft technology specialist is a Pakistani girl who is 12 years old.
    19. The 2nd largest salt mine is located in Pakistan named as Khewra Mines.
    20. Lastly, Pakistan has the largest producer of chickpeas.

    So these are considered to be important and interesting facts about Pakistan. As a Pakistani, we feel proud that almost in every field Pakistan is making incredible and prominent position or name. We pray that in next few years, Pakistan should make progress in other fields. We are completely sure that a day will come when Pakistan is included in the list of top and highly developed countries of the world.

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