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    In this type of security circumstances now people of Lahore are in search of safe place for entertainment. In the busy life of this city it’s not easy to take time for outing, mean while on weekend when a family has some time then they are searching appropriate place. Now in this situation Imperial Cinema Lahore is best option to visit, before going must check its movie schedule and show timings. Mean while if your family is big then must review its ticket price. With films People entertain their self because now this place arrange best eating stall for refreshment. Especially young generation like to see a picture at big screen with some special kind of sound and atmosphere. This is a good opportunity for busy people, who spend boring life all the day. Mean while this is also a good place for get together, one get chance to enjoy some good time.

    From last few year cinema businesses is going down, the main reason behind this down fall is its low up gradation. Now these newly opened platform provides their customers luxury environment. From time of establishment to till now numbers of popular celebrities appreciate their work. They are also happy to see some quality print and atmosphere at same time.

    • For Ticket Booking Number is: 03111222109 

    At every weekend it’s not easy to get its ticket because of house full. This is situated in posh area of this city with two screens with 3D picture quality along with one hundred seventy eight comfortable seats so on.


    This platform plays a major role in a marvelous comeback of this industry. Through latest technology in it you can see their favorite actors much closer. With of this they also focus on their online system, a team is working on its website. As well as they update their social media page regularly. You can also purchase online tickets according to their time adjustment. This is a good way of saving time and one can easily search out every related info at your home. This city needs this kind of updated location that get benefit from latest tech opportunities.

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