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    This is a very fatal virus and unfortunately it is dispersing like an epidemic. Every year more than 2.5 million people in the whole world are affected by this contagious virus and most of the people even lost their lives. Pakistan lies in the list of country that is the victim of this viral disease. This is caused by the bite of specific female mosquito. Breakbone fever is another name for this kind of virus. It is considered as the tropical virus as the contagious germs were imported in Pakistan through America. A essay in English on top of Dengue Virus is here, its translation in Urdu is easy.

    The fever is spread by the bite of those mosquitoes that belongs to Aedes egypti specie. Thus specific mosquito grows up in clean water. The incubation period between the symptoms appearance and bite is around 3-7 days. When the mosquito bites it directly affects the white blood cells of the human body due to which the platelets start decreasing in the blood stream. Such types of mosquitoes are also the cause of Chikungunga virus fever and yellow fever. Furthermore, dengue virus has four sub types generating varying symptoms of this infection.

    In 1994 the first case of dengue virus was seen in Karachi Pakistan. At that time this disease was unrecognizable and the Government of Pakistan and the general masses were not able to fight against this virus. This main symptom of this virus includes headache, fever, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, red rashes on the skin, bleeding from mouth and nose and sudden-onset fever.


    Water pools, streets and many other places like these helps mosquitoes to grow. Moreover, till now no specific medicine is invented to cure from this infection. However, the treat of this disease is supportive in Pakistan. Anti-pyretics, Analgesics and broad-spectrum antibodies are given to the affected person to minimize the risk of minor infection. Blood transfusions are done in case of excessive bleeding. It is observed that majority of the patients got recovery from such kind of treatment.

    The best thing anyone can do is to do radical steps to prevent fever. By keeping our environment clean and do mosquitoes repellent sprays we can minimize the risk of this viral disease. Storage of water should be forbidden if anyone need then he must cover it properly. Everyone should know about the cause of this virus so that he can take preventive actions to lessen this. Moreover, educational institutes and media are also running a campaign to aware people. In English this essay on Dengue Virus in Pakistan  cover all aspects while one can translate it in Urdu for better understandings.

    Furthermore, it is recommended that during the monsoon season people should wear full cloths and apply mosquito repellent lotion over the bare part of their body. At evening time cover their windows by using net. The mosquito’s bites more at early evening, dawn and dusk therefore it is recommended that they should avoid going outside during the mentioned time.

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