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History of Pakistan Before Partition

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    The history of Pakistan before and after partition has under gone threatening changes and constant ups and downs. Even the solidarity of the nation has been challenged many times to such an extent that it was predicted before the independence of the country that it would be unable to survive as a separate country and soon would be merged again in India. It is just the will of almighty Allah that this country is still present in the map of the world and has been the 1st atomic power of Muslim world. Let us have an overview of the historical development of this country that has broken the shackles of slavery and appeared as a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent. We will also look into the political and economic challenges that are faced by Pakistan after partition.

    Pre-partition: the British Raj over the sub-continent prolonged for about 200 years from 1756 to 1947. The significant land mark in the history of subcontinent was the Jung-e-Azadi of 1857 in which the Muslims and Hindus participated together but it was considered as Begawan-e-Hind by the English rulers. This failure in revolt was actually proven as the last nail in the coffin of Mugal Raj in sub-continent. Now the Muslims were at their worst in each and every field of life. After 1859, the British initiated the reforms and the formation of political parties. As a result, the Indian National Congress which represented the overwhelming majority of Hindus come into being in 1885. The Muslim league in 1906, became the political party representing the Muslim minority of the sub-continent. When the British ruler introduced constitutional reforms in 1909, the Muslims succeeded in acquiring the separate electoral rolls. This ensued provincial and national representation of Muslims in politics of sub continent until the independence in 1947 Muslim league was becoming stronger with every passing day.


    They were heading forward under the great leader Quaid-e-Azam M.Ali Jinnah. Soon, they realized that the solution of all the problems of Muslims is a separate homeland. So, they demanded for their separate country in 1940. After various political upheavals from 1940 to 1946 and a lot of discussion on the demand of Muslims for a separate country of Hindus for a territorial unity of India, the British decided that the partition was inevitable. So, on August 14, 1947, Pakistan appeared as a Muslim country on the map of the world. But Pakistan came into being in two parts, the West Pakistan (the present Pakistan) and the east Pakistan (Bangladesh). These two were separated by 1,600 km of Indian Territory. This is a complete History of Pakistan Before Partition  independence.

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