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    Pakistan, being a developing third world country has been facing a wide array of social problems: economical, educational, religious, political and ethnical conflicts, energy crisis, terrorism, inflation and unemployment. Some major problems are discussed there: Pakistan with its population of about 16 million is undergoing the worst economical problems. The increase in the downfall of energy and unscheduled load shedding of electricity has bad effected the industrial growth of the country. On the other hand, rate of inflation has been increased day by day. The government constantly claims that in order to keep the prices of essential commodities in control, it is taking essential measures but the graph of inflation rate is becoming high every year. In this time of economic crisis, it has become really challenging for the poor to meet the need of life. They are unable to afford the basic necessities of life. They cannot provide education and good health to their children.

    The root issue of economic crisis has given birth to many other problems of which unemployment is the major one. There not enough jobs to fulfill the requirements. The highly educated graduates fail to find a job and this unemployment has become a cause of increasing crime rate in the country.

    • An frustrated and disappointed jobless graduates try to earn money by employing illogical ways. It is the high time to find applicable solution of the economic crisis of the country and try to solve it as soon as possible. Otherwise this country which is already in debt will collapse.

    Another major problem of the Pakistan is illiteracy. Education is considered as a cheapest defense of a nation. Realizing this fact, many countries have made education for all classes of society, compulsory and completely free. To educate the masses has been considered as the responsibility of state.

    The constitution of Pakistan says, “The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory education with in minimum possible period”. The primary completion rate in Pakistan, given by the survey of UNESCO is 33.8% in female and 47.8% in male which means the most than half of population of Pakistan is unable to get the primary education. The reasons of this low literacy rate are less primary schools, lack of awareness in parents, child labor which is still not banned in Pakistan, untrained and non professional teaching staff in schools, gender discrimination, lack of teaching staff in schools and etc.

    • This issue can be resolved if government of Pakistan take positive and constructive measures in this regard such as increase the budget for education establish more schools and appoint qualified and trained teachers, promote education through various camping, strictly ban child labor etc.

    Many political, religious and ethnical groups with their conflicts and biased reservation for one another, always keep fighting battles against their opponents which is badly effecting in fact weakening the solidarity of the country. They instead of fighting for national interests and solving national problems, waste their energies in letting down the others. It is quite saddening. They should realize that being the citizens of one nation, they have to put behind their political, religious and ethnical prejudices and work for the welfare of their country.

    Another problem which Pakistan is facing is “terrorism”. Everyday we hear the incidents of drone attacks, bomb blasts and suicide bombing in Pakistan. It is still ambiguous and unclear that who is to be blamed for these acts of terrorism; the Talibsans or some external forces. Pakistan plays a key and highly conflicted role in the global war against terrorism. Today terrorism is threatening the very roots of the country’s solidarity. It has questioned the basic ideology of this country which is based on peace, harmony and oneness of nation.


    If this destruction is being done by the country’s own people, it is the time to kill the root cause of terrorism. We need to change the attitude of these people who are psychologically so disturbed that they have become extremist and fanatic. In their frenzy, they forget about their loyalties and responsibilities towards their nation. This negative attitude can be curved by ensuring justice, pure politics, education for all and human rights for every Pakistani.

    It is the time to start a new beginning. Try to be honest and true to yourself, your country and above all to your GOD. Give your fullest with positive energy to resolve the problems and social issues of your beloved home land Pakistan.

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