Arena Karachi Ticket Price 2024 per Head Charges of Buffet in Rangoli

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    Under the one roof, Arena Karachi is offering different activities for customers. This location is in top enjoyable places where people can watch movie, enjoy verities of food and do shopping. Just pay As well, Arena Karachi ticket price 2024 per head charges and also get chance of buffet in Rangoli but for this you need to pay separately. Yes, management of this mall giving different offers every day and they have recently introduced membership card. People can also avail special discount from there. Recently, Arena launched an attractive banquet Hall, a classy conference room, modern Cinemas and also a top Gym Station. All of these options are up to mark in every aspect.

    Arena Karachi Ticket Price 2024:

    Administration of Arena Karachi issued ticket price which is “1600 rupees” for men and women and this amount will adjust in activities include food too. Besides this, they charges “900 rupees” for kids. As well, below 7 years children take free entry.

    But if you want refund then this type policy yet not exist but against this fee, one can enjoy food and some other gaming activities.

    Arena Karachi per Head Charges 2024:

    • For Males and Female: For young person, per head ticket price in games is 1700 Rupees.
    • For Kids: While, 900 Rupees is the ticket price for per children.(In between Seven to Ten Years Old)
    •  It must to spend the whole amount in the decided area within time.

    Arena Karachi Buffet Price 2024

    Right now, Arena Karachi offer buffet through the Rangoli Restaurant. Moreover, they are giving verities of dishes like Desi, Fast Food and Chinese, as well, different types of drinks offer with buffet. On different occasion, they give heavy discount on different credit cards.

    Rangoli Karachi per Head Charges 2024

    Basically, Rangoli is a part of Arena and their management is handling all things in it. That’s why they tried to make  sure the food quality and varieties too. Further, Per head charges in Rangoli Karachi are only for food:

    • In general, 3715 Rupees is the price of per head. (At dinner time)
    • While, the children per head charges is 2133 Rupees.(At dinner time and this price include a game too)

    Arena Rangoli Buffet Price 2024:

    Although, they offer buffet at two different major timings for Launch and dinner. But, now the only Arena Rangoli ramadan Dinner Buffet is being presented there. Many other hotels are giving different offers related buffet but people still prefer to this hotel because they are giving healthy food. The prices of Arena Rangoli buffet charges are different for:

    Rangoli Dinner Buffet Price 3715 for ten years plus person and 2133 for child
    Rangoli Lunch Buffet Price 2020 Rupees and 1229 Rupees for kids
    • Hi tea: It’s in 1907 Rupees and 1116 Rupees for Kids till age 10
    • Brunch: Only, 2359 and 1342 Rupees for Children

    Rangoli Buffet Timings:

    There are two shifts for the dinner buffet and the first shift is for (1.5) hours that start from 7:30 in evening and continue till 9. Right after the ending of this shift, the second will On at 9:30 and end on 11 before a mid night hour.

    • Days: Dinner buffet at Rangoli is for all 7 days of a weak.

    Number is: 021-99245251 to till 54

    Days and Time for Rangoli Lunch Buffet: This is for 6 days a week and timings of it is from 1.30 to till 3 o’clock.  And its duration is two and half hour.

    rates of everything

    Arena Karachi Timings:

    All week days expect Sunday Open at 9:00 in morning and close on 11 o’clock at night.
    Only on Sunday Same

    Their is much in return of the Arena Karachi ticket price 2024 or for the per head charges of buffet in Rangoli is also well compatible with its food and other stuff. They have something special for every age person that everyone has a good time there. And for this, they continuously maintained and also improved it.

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