Audionic Speakers Price in Pakistan 2023

Generally, speakers are used to enjoy the best quality of sound. Now, the list of Audionic speakers price in Pakistan 2023 shows how many options this company will offer for the music lovers. Especially, their recently launched items are best in quality. Because these are manufactured by following the latest technologies. Now, one will listen to different type of music via these music appliances. Furthermore, previously, on high volume, voice distortion is a major fault of these speakers. But now, this company has resolved this issue that will surely increase its demand.

Audionic Speakers Price in Pakistan 2023:

An upgraded chart of Audionic Speakers Price in Pakistan 2023 shows that rates of the different models are varying from each other. A high price product will surely deliver a better result too. But, your price will range will decide better then which is more suitable for you.

Audionic Mehfil Speakers Price in Pakistan 2023:

  • An entire list of Audionic Mehfil speaker price shows the huge collection. Hopefully, one will like any of them and use it for long.
Model Approx. Price
MH-40 26,000
MH-40s 27,000
MH-30s 25,000
MH-30 24,000
MH-5050 66,000
MH-8 Plus It’s in 5,000

Audionic Bluetooth Speakers Price in Pakistan 2023:

The range of Audionic Bluetooth speaker price also covers many options. Maybe some other models are also accessible from stores.

Model Approx. Price
Masti-8 Trolley Speakers 20,900
BlueTune BT-900 17,000
BlueTune BT 950 16,500
Rex-3 3,800
Rex 3 Plus 4,300
Rex-12 4,100

Audionic Majlis Speakers Price:

Commonly termed as trolley or the Audionic Majlis speakers price in Pakistan is also in many of rates. So, these are better to buy for all those who can organize Majlis on a regular base.

Model Approx. Price
M-5 7,200
M-30 Trolley speaker 23,660
M-50 Trolley speakers 31,500(0ld price)
M-100 speaker 8,900(0ld price)
M-120 Trolley Speaker 12,000(0ld price)
M-150 Wireless Trolley Speaker N/A
M-180 31,000
PA-95 10,000
PA-90 9,000
M-85 5,000

Audionic Woofer Price in Pakistan 2023:

Here we only sort out few models of Audionic Woofer Price that are good in look and quality. From name, it seems that their base is very  strong.

Model Approx. Price
Reborn RB-107 10,700
Quad Bar 4 16,800
Quad Bar 5 17,400

Audionic Big Speakers Price:

Basically, this type of speaker is using for parties. But, Audionic big speakers price shows that an ordinary person also affords this price.

Model Approx. Price
DJ-200 32,000
DJ-400s 66,000
DJ-500s 57,000
DJ-700 55,000
DJ-1500 90,960
DJ-1200 75,000
Spark 808 36,400

 Audionic Rechargeable Speakers Price:

  • These are the very special ones because the audionic rechargeable speakers price in Pakistan is the appropriate one with these types of specs.
Model Approx. Price
REX-4 1,375(old price)
Rex-16 4,600
MH-12 8,300
MH-120 35,000
DJ-700 52,000
MH-1212 46,000
MH-25 Advance 23,000
MH-30 24,000

A major spec of every speaker will clear its performance on very low and high music. No doubt, initially performance of these speakers is not extraordinary on these lower and extreme ranges. But, the company has done a lot of work on it and up to the maximum extent, they get rid of this issue.

the ranges

Furthermore, in case of any fault, this company provides an option to claim a warranty. Surely, this is good for the satisfaction of valuable customers.

In the local market of Pakistan, one will get many other brand speakers too. But their rates are much high then the Audionic Speakers price in Pakistan 2023. So, why one will go to high rate items when you have the option to buy the same as things at good price too.

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