Dawlance Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 2018 1 1.5 ton

The summer season is set with a ray of hotness, this time maybe it will last for long period of time. Due to this one is in search to find an electrical appliance through which they can feel coldness. In contrary, we have the name of Dawlance that is another one of the best companies in Pakistan that deal with home-based appliances. All of the new models 1 and 1.5 Ton Dawlance Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 2018 have now come on the new list. They all are stylish in look and company also claims that their performance is better than the previous one. Their key spec is that they are energy efficient. So hopefully, this time one need to pay less amount of bill.

Major targeted feature in them is that they are efficient for electricity. Right now this is the major demand of market to get an Air conditioner that consumes minimum electricity. A list of names is available below that consist of all new and some of the top previous one that is hot forever.

Top Models Name & Price 2018:

  • Dawlance Inverter AC 1 Ton Prices in Pakistan:
Model Price
LVS Series Split AC-1.0 Ton 38,000
Inspire Plus Inverter-1.0 Ton-White 42,750
Inspire Plus Inverter-1 Ton 45,499
ProActive Series Inverter Air Conditioner-1.0 ton-Silver 46,498
  • Dawlance Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Prices in Pakistan:
Model Price
LVS Series Split AC-1.5 Ton 42,998
 Inspire Plus 30 Inverter-1.5 Ton Brown  56,000
 Inverter-Split Heat & Cool-1.5 Ton PROACTIVE-30  58,000
 Inspire Plus Series Inverter Air Conditioner -1.5 Ton-White  55,300
Inspire Plus 30 Inverter-1.5 Ton Golden 54,999
Inspire Plus Inverter-1.5 Ton White 53,999
Inspire Plus 30 Inverter-1.5 Ton -Brown 56,000

Dawlance Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 2018 1 1.5 ton

Meanwhile, inside the marketplaces, 1 ton split AC by Dawlance is accessible at cost of Rs. 38,000 and 1.5 ton AC is at the cost of Rs. 42,998. It is quite a lot easy to clean as you don’t need the assistance of any serviceman. It has the coverage of the wide and long airflow that give away the best cooling. It has anti-rust cabinet too that must increase its cooling power. In this price range if one sees an Air conditioner on the market then this is best one that is best according to performances.

Another benefit is that now its outlets are available in every city of Pakistan. So in case of maintenance one easily reach to that places for technical support. In this country now electricity is also a major issue that some time goes up and down. So in this these circumstances prefer to only those appliances whose technical support is available at your nearest place.

Dawlance ac

So this was the complete detail about 1 and 1.5-ton Dawlance Inverter AC Prices in Pakistan 2018! If you do find it affordable then buy it now and enjoy the best cooling in this summer season! From performance function to its outer look these all are best machines. Especially new arrival comprised of some collection that must hold in the market. At the start of the season, they all are in range so select anyone and buy it.

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