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    People are a big fan of iPhone. Today the individuals with this phones brand are considered as the people of standards. As everything has good and bad in the same as with the iPhone 7 plus. The goods of this phone are the rear cameras, prolonged battery timings, water resistant. The storage capacity is up to standard. 256GB model and it has the best photographs ever. The bad in phone 7 plus is its really expensive price range. But the tech gurus have found the solution to this over pricing. Now iPhone 7 Plus China and Korean First Copy Price in Pakistan have come in the range of every person. Look wise they are very close to the original phone.

    Although their specs are not like genuine iPhone 7 Plus, still look alike resemblance is enough to deceive anyone. Most importantly, they are buyable at a reasonable price.

    Price Difference between (Korean and China Copy vs. Original)

    iPhone 7 plus China copy price in Pakistan:

    • It’s about 20,000

    iPhone 7 plus Korean price in Pakistan:

    • The price of Korean iphone7 plus (rose gold, black and red) all cost for 15,000.

    Original Phone Price:(Its also assembled in China)

    • The price of China iPhone 7 plus with 128GB is $285.00 while 256GB is of $295. While is the price in Pakistan is 80,999.

    iPhone 7 Plus Korean Specification:

    1. It has RAM of 1GB and ROM of 8GB and 16GB.
    2. The main camera is of 12MP back and 8MP front.
    3. Image resolution and video resolution are also of good quality( but exact figures has not revealed)
    4. Display size is of 5.5 inches and resolution of has yet not clear
    5. Its screen touch is also good to use.
    6. The different colors are available in black, silver, rose gold and gold.


    Original iPhone 7 Plus Specs:

    1. The capacity is 128GB and 256GB along with 3GB RAM.
    2. Its weight is also 188 grams with the height of 6.23 inches and width of 3.07 inches.
    3. The display is LED-backlit IPS LCD.
    4. Multi touched display with IPS technology.
    5. The camera is 12 MP wide.4k video recordings at 30 fps. 7MP HD camera present.
    6. The fingerprint sensor is present on the home button.
    7. The model is iPhone 7 plus and its other names are A1661, A1784, A1785, A1786.

    For phone lovers of this company, iPhone 8 Plus Korean China Copy Price in Pakistan 2018 are also accessible in the market.

    Note: Keep in mind that the same specs in genuine and copy do not mean that these phones are of same quality. No doubt, the apparent look of copy is very close to original one. But phone performance is entirely different from each other.

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