Jazz Mega plus Package Code for Monthly Weekly

The name Mega shows that how much bigger is this offer. For monthly and weekly, Jazz Mega plus Package is differently integrate with a separate unique code. By just paying a minimal amount, one will active this offer. In last years, the most useable medium of any network is its internet facility. And Jazz enhance the experience of yours net usage better and better. As its obvious that every cellular company is trying to analyze the customer demands effectively. And fortunately this oldest Provider gave best for Business men, Industrialist and Peoples who seems to well established in their respective Sectors.

Jazz Mega plus Monthly Package Code:

For the activation, note *117*30# as code of Jazz Mega plus monthly Package. Moreover, to check the status or to review that how much bundle is left, *117*30*2# is the dedicate code.

Jazz Mega plus Package Codes detailsĀ  for Monthly Usage Code
Activation This is *117*30#
How to Check Remaining mbs in Jazz Mega plus? The status code is also simple as *117*30*2#
Duration For One Month

Other Aspects of this Offer:

  • Volume: Its has 12 GB DATA and the 6GB data is from (2 AM to till 2 PM)
  • Charges: 360 Rupees

Jazz Mega plus Weekly Package Code:

After realizing the demand and also to attract more number of customer, its at their first priority to make Jazz Mega plus Weekly offer more effective. Yes, Jazz should continue this beautiful offer on permanent basis so that this could be more utilize in any perspective.

Offer Name Activation Code To check Remaining mbs in Jazz Weekly Mega plus Package Duration
Jazz Mega plus Offer for One Week *453# *453*2# is the working code to check the Status 1 Week


  • Net Bundle: 15 GB Volume and + 10 GB for time spam of (2 AMĀ  to the 2 PM)
  • Charges: 280 Rupees

a net pack

Time to forget the high charges and low speed. Just reviews the Jazz Mega plus Package and with a very simple code for Monthly and or if you like the Weekly offer then its also has better volume. At end of day, you choose the one that will fulfil yours need in much reasonable range.

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