Impact of Mobile Phones on Youth Essay, Debate

Mobile phone has become an integral part of young persons daily life, in the world of technological advancement, the most popular and easily adoptable form of electronic communication is the facility of the mobile phone. The result is that the mobile phone has become a more social tool than a technical tool this article explore the impact of mobile phone on youth either it is constructed or distractive.

Mobile phone has positively help the young generation in organizing the social network. With the availability of internet in mobile phones, the youth can beneficially use for educational purpose whenever and wherever they want. The advance mobile phone with various features can be used for all tasks for which you have to use laptop and personal computer. This small multi featured device keeps you connected to the world and updates you with the latest information.

Besides these few positive impacts of mobile phone, there is the long list of its negative and distractive effect on young generation let me make it clear that these distractive implications are not because the thing is evil but because its usage is wrong. You can never blame the technology for its wrong usage because in this way you are directly against the development and advancement.

The worst distraction that being caused by the exclusive and wrong usage of mobile phone by youth is that it leads to change the family dynamics and weekend the bounding among family members. The youth is too busy with mobile phone that they don’t have spare time to spend with family. They are more interested in fake entertainment offer by mobile phone then the real family issues. A healthy functional coordination is important for family but the youth find it boring and un essential in front of the enjoyment they are getting from verity of apps of their phones.

To increase their fellowship, the telecommunication companies sometime use really cheap tactics. They introduce low rate package for messagesmobile phone effect on youth and calls at night that looks very attractive to youth. Rationally speaking there is need to introduce night package because normally people make their important calls in day time. This trend is unfortunately promoting vulgarity in youth. They make wrong calls and begin a loose talk which is a sheer wastage of time and is also damaging their personalities. These packages spoil and ravage our youth than do anything else. Our young generation mostly includes students who are spell bounded by these packages. They are losing the essences of their profession (studies). They are actually deviating from their goals. The graph of their academic progress is coming down with every passing day.

The excessive use of the mobile phone is also beginning the cause of different problems regarding the health of youth. You can find many young people around you suffering from weak eye sights and headache. The more usage of mobile phones has also led the youth to remain indoors and keep sitting for long time. Without any indoor physical activity, they are becoming lazy and sick.

The young generation is crazy about brand and model of their mobile phones which becomes the cause of financial difficulties. The expensive and high priced mobile phones in the hands of youth are quite alarming regarding safety issue. The rate of mobile snatching is increased day by day.

In short, there is a critical and pathetic state prevailing in young generation because it is passing through chaos, disturbance and mental incapacitation. Their minds are always revolving around the loose and vulgar thing. It is the time to give them a guiding hand and makes them realize the worth of their age.

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