PTCL Management Portal for EVO, Wingle and Nitro Customers Support

Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) is a govt company in the field of communication sector. Few years back a time came when this company fell into lose but because of worker hardworking and officials planning now this company has achieved its peak. The main objective of the company officials is to serve Pakistani people in any case. Let’s see we take can example now PTCL is offering a large number of packages in internet and in national and international calls as well.

Now Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) is going to introduce PTCL Management Portal for EVO, Wingle and Nitro Customers. The main reason behind this is to manage the evo usage, wingle usage and to monitor the prices of the packages.

ptcl Management portal

  • This management portal is going to help customers to track their usage patterns and to plan their broadband usages. Customers can also recharge their accounts through the management portal offer.

Telecommunication now becomes the integral part of the social and economic and political fabric of the world. With this new vision and many new opportunities to excel PTCL offers a continually challenging and professionally rewarding experience be it in data networks, internet, and mobile network, finance or sale management. This offering program is for EVO, wingle, nitro and 3Gtab users to monitor the performance of the packages.

Click Here For Mangement Portal

It is another interesting offer given by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) to manage prices, look the performance of the internet and keep looking to the coming internet.

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