Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages

In the very old days, the rates of SMS were used to be very high. People were charged a lot when they had to text their friends and family members for once. No doubt this will go quite expensive, but with the arrival of Telenor Talkshawk Packages, this problem of sending SMS has now been solved. They offer these bundles on bases of daily, weekly and monthly. The rates of these buckets are within your reach. One can say that they are much affordable as compared to the other. This connection is not only used and availed by teen and youngsters, by youth and college, university student but too by business and corporate side people. So what actually this can give us benefits and plus points when it comes to its SMS bundles and packages:

Their daily bundle is so much cheap and less in cost. If you think that your balance gets run out in no less time then you can use this one. It remains valid for single day and then you have to activate this package on the very next day.


Then its weekly one that are also so much amazing and affordable. This is so wonderful!   It is quite a convenient bundle and lots of people are availing it because of its convenience and price factor. One never needs to worry for a period of a week.


Then here comes the monthly one! It is a huge one SMS bundle where you can have thousands of text messages in only Forty year. In short for 30 days, you can enjoy this unlimited texting and messaging up.

This is best one, because more number of users like this one. This is equally good for short as well long term user, because its suit.


Despite of this few more options are also available, through which one will get chance to get bundles of Five or Fifty days as well. Its all depends on your need that which will suit more on you.

Telenor Talkshawk SMS Packages

No doubt that SMS bundles and packages of Telenor Talkshawk are so huge in size and made according to the demands of customers. They keep on bringing more exciting changes in their offers which are always loved by their customers. This is one secret behind their growth. In current competition only those net worth survive who provide best options for their users, and they will do it in best way.


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