Shifa College of Medicine Fee Structure 2024 for Shifa Medical College

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    Quality and practical approach is the reason of such Shifa College of Medicine fee structure 2024 for studying in the Shifa medical college. This is not a government medical college and is running by an private organization; so, definitely the criteria of the fee is not same as compared to other medical colleges. Further, this organization is giving the specialization in medicine to the students and anyone who want to enter in this field then they prefer to this college. The logic behind the trust on Shifa Medical College is that they grow those doctors that are able to compete in any of atmosphere.

    Shifa College of Medicine Fee Structure 2024:

    Before apply to this college one time must check the fee structure of Shifa College of Medicine in 2024 and then apply. Meanwhile, the management of this college changes the few roles of the fee every year.

    • Yes, they deliver best expertise to the coming doctors. Especially latest apparatus that is necessary for any medical college is in their scientific labs.

    Shifa Medical College MBBS Fee Structure 2024:

    During starting days of its establishment, management of this institute face difficulty. But whole team work hard and get a trust full name in medical educational studies. Furthermore, Shifa Medical College MBBS fee structure 2024 is just only for the local students who are going to take admission. If management will change the fee structure in the future then share it with the audience.

    Description 1st  Year 2nd  Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
    Tuition Charges 1,600,000 Rupees 1,760,000 Rupees 1,936,000 Rupees 2,129,600 Rupees 2,342,560 Rupees
    32,000 Rupees
    Charges in term of  Security 70 Thousand Rupees
     32 Thousand  35 Thousand  39 Thousand  42 Thousand  47 Thousand
    Total 1,734,000 Rupees 1,795,200 Rupees 1,974,720 Rupees 2,172,100 Rupees 2,389,410 Rupees
    • Contact number is: 051-8464201 (Follow Uni Hours)

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    Shifa Medical College BDS Fee Structure 2024:

    This fee structure is for those candidates who will take admission in BDS. They will follow this schedule and all the fees will pay according to the timetable that will be an issue by the administration.

    • Year 1: 1,516,000 Rupees
    • Year 2: 1,500,000
    • Year 3: 1,634,500
    • Year 4: 1,732,000

    Maybe BDS fee will increase this year.

    There is lot of work and expenses required for running any medical college, without covering every gap it’s not possible to run a medical platform. That’s why Shifa College of Medicine fee structure 2024 for Shifa Medical College is justifiable. Whole team is trying to make a name in medical field.

    This medical college is also belonging to a hospital that is also known as one top caring and filled with latest equipped hospital in Pakistan. So through this hospital, students also get chance for learning from their seniors as well as from top doctors.

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