Chocolate Nuggets Recipe

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    Here we will discuss chocolate nuggets recipe. As we know that every person would love to eat chocolate. There are many recipes which can be easily prepared by chocolate. If we talk about chocolate nuggets then this recipe is very popular and favorite among children. According to survey that children would love to eat chocolate nuggets. In this post, we will discuss the main ingredients and recipe of chocolate nuggets. Basically, chocolate nuggets are considered to be crushed biscuits with sweet squares. The preparation time for chocolate nuggets recipe is 25 minutes. Firstly, we would like to mention the main ingredients of chocolate nuggets which are discussed below:

    Chocolate Nuggets Recipe

    Chocolate Nuggets Recipe 001

    1. Butter 50 gram.
    2. 200 gram of chocolate.
    3. 2 tablespoon of honey.
    4. 200 gram of crushed biscuits.
    5. Bunty for garnishing.

    Now we would like to mention simple instructions for the preparation of chocolate nuggets. The main and important steps for its preparation are as follows:

    1. The first step is that person should put butter, chocolate and honey in the pan.
    2. The second step is that person should cook all these ingredients and then fold in the shape of crushed biscuits.
    3. The third step is that person should pour this mixture into the tin and then put into the fridge.
    4. After sometime, person should garnish with bunty.

    So these are considered to be important and main steps for the preparation of chocolate nuggets. If any house wife wants to make chocolate nuggets for her children within few minutes then she should follow this recipe. Moreover, this recipe is very simple and easy for making the chocolate nuggets. After making the chocolate nuggets, you can serve these chocolate nuggets with tea.

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