Inverex UPS Price in Pakistan 2023 Dealers Service Center in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

Because of the good quality appliance, the Inverex UPS price in Pakistan 2023 is a highly requested query in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. Meanwhile, its dealers and service center are also operating to facilitate the buyer of this home appliance. No doubt, this government comes with the slogan of controlling the shortfall of electricity. But after establishment, they failed to get a solution to this major problem. Now they promise that at the end of their tender they must produce the result. So as the summer season arrives in Pakistan so all home users in search of the alternate of electricity shortfall. And for this purpose, Inverex is the best possible option.

Furthermore, Inverex UPS dealers and service center are providing support and repairing in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. So their availability and then in case of any faulty problem solution is easily available at your nearest place. This company struggles hard to provide the services through which one can easily found out the energy solution.

Although Inverex manufactured many other products that all are best according to quality, among this line their UPS is a major item. That’s why they always focus on its advertisement as well as try to maintain its performance. That’s why they launch these models with the latest technology.

Inverex UPS Price in Pakistan 2023:

  • The current Inverex UPS price in Pakistan 2023 is different for every model and capacity whom estimation is enough for the idea of rate.

 “Price According to Models”

Inverex Model that are UPS supportive
Capacity Approx. Price
XTRON X2400 50A 56,000 Rupees
XP PRO 1200VA 720 Watts 33,000
XTRON X1200 Ups Inverter 50A 41,000

Solar Options

Model that are Solar Supportive Capacity Approx. Price
VEYRON 1.2 KW MPPT 1.2kw 83,000 Rupees
X1200 Solar model 50A 48,000
  • 2.5 MPPT Inverter: Approx. 158,000 Rupees

Note: These are not the fix prices for this year. Maybe this time they will rise up.

Further, they designed different products for domestic and commercial, even now their three-phase UPS are also available. According to designing, they are compatible with the number of batteries. They have done a lot of work on its manufacturing that why they also bear a reasonable ripple difference. So with a reasonable up and down of electricity, this is able to bear it.

  • Then, there are:

Inverex UPS Dealers Service Center in Karachi Lahore Islamabad:

  • Right now Inverex UPS Dealers or Service Center is functional only in Karachi. But one can get this appliance in every big city including Lahore and Islamabad.

 “Dealers Service Center in Karachi”

for dealership

Note: In Lahore and Islamabad right now their outlets are not open but sure they have done the agreement with locals where their experts are always ready to give service.

So this is a general suggestion that if one wants to swap previous one looking to buy a new one for this summer then Inverex UPS is the best choice to buy in Pakistan at this price. Further, its performance must show the whole story that how this device is best in use. Hopefully, the company will control the Inverex UPS price in Pakistan 2023, so must try this and hope so they never disappoint their customer like previous years.

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