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Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Form 2019 PHATA Registration

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    At last, the present government of Pakistan has fulfilled their promise to give low cast house to the needy peoples of this country. Furthermore, registration and Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme form 2019 download is possible from PHATA and Nadra online. Basically, the purpose of this registration is to know about your location and interest. Furthermore, after the submission of application form, the official of this program will make sure that the applicant is eligible for this scheme or already he owns a house.  So, first of all, make sure that you have the complete document to prove your eligibility, otherwise, don’t waste your time.

    In the first phase of this Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2019, the form will issue to the Seven (7) district of Pakistan that are from Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit, and Azad Kashmir. Moreover, the names of these districts are given below.

    • Sukkur
    • Lodhran
    • Quetta
    • Chishtian
    • Gilgit
    • Muzaffarabad
    • Swat
    • Islamabad
    • Renala Khurd
    • and Faisalabad

    From the list of these districts, the government just tries to show that this scheme is not for a special province. And, no doubt, people from all over the country need this type of scheme through which they will get the chance to buy a home.

    Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Form 2019:

    The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Form 2019 Download is accessible from the Nadra and PHATA online portal.

    • nadra.gov.pk/nphp

    Download from Nadra

    Download from the PHATA

    Secondly, one will get this registration form from the District Housing Program Office. The photocopy of this form is also acceptable.

    Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Form Last Date 2019:

    • The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Form Last Date 2019 has yet not confirmed.

    the new scheme

    Where to submit Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Form?

    Government opens District Housing Program Office in every respected district, where this program will offer in the first phase. So after completion of form one just need to submit them in the related District Housing Program Office. Moreover, one also download this form from the PHATA online portal.

    Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Cities Name:

    • Right now, forms for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme are available in three different cities that include…


    Lodhran Renala Khurd Chishtian
    Get Form from PHATA Download Form from PHATA Get Form Online

    Here we also clarify an important thing that the entire registration is centralized with the PHATA. The basic purpose of the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme form 2019 attachment is to check the applicant eligibility. So as mentioned earlier that don’t try to scam, for sure official will catch you. Hopefully, a number of people will get benefit from it. And in forthcoming days other districts will also target under this program.

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