Taj Mahal Cinema Faisalabad Show Timing Ticket Price

Cinemas are always equaled important with the progress of a film industry, because they provide a proper platform for the promotion of these movies. Viewer only goes to see a movie that is in some attractive atmosphere where he get chance to spend some good time. Now film viewers of Faisalabad get chance to see movies in quality Taj Mahal Cinema, show timings and ticket price is available. This is only platform in this city that offer digital 3D Multiplex technology. Because now viewers always wants to see every screen very close to original, through this technology they must enjoy every action near to screen. This is first time when this technology is introduced, with some best sitting arrangements and attractive lighting in Faisalabad.

Show Timing

As given above that this is one best cinema in this city, this is now first option for movie viewer. Behind this there are two reasons; one is that they are first where any quality Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood movie comes to launch. Secondly every of their movie is come at three screens.

  1. Screen 1
  2. Screen 2
  3. Screen 3


Then according to these screen shows are further divide in three major timings.

  • Show 1

Timing: 4: PM to 7: PM

  • Show 2

Timing: 7: PM to 10: PM

  • Show 3

Timing: 10: PM to 01: AM

On Sunday a special show is also arrange from: 12: PM to 4: PM that is only for this specific day. For Official Website for Daily Update show times.. Otherwise these are only three show timings.

Ticket Price

Silver Class Seat (2D and 3D): 500 Rupees

Gold Class Seat (2D and 3D): 700 Rupees

Additional 200 rupees are charged if one is going to watch through 3D glasses.

Notice: It’s not important that every time on these Show Timing of Taj Mahal Cinema Faisalabad movies is on air on these three screens. While ticket price also may changed with official understandings. Its depend that how many number of movies are launch and they get rights to launch under their platform.

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