Toni and Guy Islamabad Lahore Price List 2022 Haircut Rates Deals

At national or international level this is a popular name in the field of hair cutting along with styling. At time of formation these two persons Toni and Guy started work from UK. Now they have a number of salons around the world, in capital city of Pakistan Islamabad as well in Lahore they provide their services from long time. Here they offer hair cutting for men and women along with outstanding, hair colors, blow dries and a huge range of hair products. After getting great response from two outlets in Lahore this is new opening in Islamabad. During these days one get benefit from their deals that include a reasonable rates price list for hair cutting.

Toni and Guy Islamabad Price List 2022:

Interestingly, the price list of Toni and Guy Islamabad is different from other cities branches. Although, their is not much difference in their services but they have different rates from one city to another.

  • Note the Charges and decide that what service you want to avail.

Yes, they also offer styling and make up services in different packages. The CEO and its creative director take this decision, at the huge request of people because everyone wants to best services in their town. According to him, this is a good opportunity to spread their experiences and acknowledge people in grooming.

Toni and Guy Islamabad Haircut Rates:

For men and women, their are different haircut charges or rates at Toni and Guy Islamabad. Although, their cut charges are high but they have unbeatable service in haircut category.

  • Table of Toni and Guy Islamabad Women Haircut Charges:
For Girls Age Below 8 Year
Normal Haircut Charges 3300 1650
Their best stylist haircut charges 4800 1900
Cut charges from their Senior Stylist Six Thousand Rupees Three Thousand Rupees
Haircut from Director Seven Thousand Rupees 3500
Charges from Education Director 7500 3750
Their Creative Director Charges Nine Thousand Rupees 4500

No doubt they gets awesome response from it, two years ago this brand starts their work in the capital of Pakistan. Originally Shammal Qureshi is name behind its success. He is the man who does all work of this brand and always tries to make it more popular.

Opening ceremony was held in the evening on a big level and popular celebrities, leading businessmen and social persons make this event successful.

  • Other Charges List For Ladies Services:(These are old rate, so maybe few of them may changed now)

Note: These charges are not of any specific branch. This is just for the idea.

  • For contact, the Toni and Guy number is: 0311 1100 864(They will also assist in better way)

ladies packages ladies packages

This salon has best barbers and world best professionals whose work is so unique and excellent. Now this place also offer different treatments like hair, facial, skin, manicures, pedicures etc.

  • Table of Toni and Guy Islamabad Men Haircut Rates:
For Boys Age Below 8 Year
Normal Haircut Rates 2200 1100
Men best stylist haircut Rates 2800 1400
Cut Rates from their Senior Stylist 3800 1900
Haircut from Director Five Thousand Rupees 2500
Rates from Education Director 6000 Three Thousand Rupees
Their Creative Director Charges Seven Thousand Rupees 3500

The things that make the Toni and Guy special is that they facilitate their customers with valet parking, Japanese type garden for rest and a beautiful decorated wall which gives a fresh feeling. People satisfy from their talented team work and best quality products.

  • General Price List For Men:(This is also old one and probably it changed now)

Men packages Men packages

Toni and Guy Lahore Price List:

  • Their are five branches of Toni and Guy are now serving in Lahore and again their price list is not same in the same city. One will look over their Charges of the nearest outlet.

It’s good for this country that this kind of brand come here and provides their services to local community. Further it’s all depends on kind of services that one provides to customers, in this short period of a huge client age shows all about their success.

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