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    Education plays an important role in the success of any country. Education makes an ordinary man to successful man. Through education nations are able to face challenges with comfort and ease. Education sector is divided into three major categories. Technical education is one of them. It is something else than the general education. In this education system people are taught about the technical skills or make you expert in the field of “technical know-how”. It means learning and teaching about the usage of machinery from schools, college, universities and Technical institutions. The purpose of technical education is to create an interest for constructive and creative work, to create expertise and skills among the students, as career option students should consider self-employment first, to build up positive attitude towards technical and science education and most of all enhancing the situation about the man-power information.

    We are living in the 21st century where technology is commonly used in every field. Technology has made our life very smooth and easy. To adapt or to use the technology is not so difficult but to develop the technology is not smooth and easy. Pakistan is very good at adopting a technology but it lacks in developing a technology due to a number of reasons because it need very expert team, a large number of capital and most of all it requires thorough knowledge to create any sort of technology. Therefore in our education, it is essential that there must be shift of emphasis. Large number of people should gain technical education. The greatest benefit of technical education is that the employment scope is unlimited.


    At present there is need of technical education in Pakistan. In the educational system of Pakistan, technical education sector is not much considered which is now becoming the biggest mistake. Less number of technical people means less development. Technical education should be given to the students of all grades so that in future they are able to set their own aims and have ability to analyze and create their goals and missions. Our country is successfully moving towards the industrialization, setting bigger factories and big plants. Huge projects are being setup.

    The success of a country is largely depend on the automated agriculture and industry, without which a country not able to stand in the list of economic successful countries. In fact in each department there is a need of technical persons. So it is necessary that good and quality technical education should be offered to the people so that they work better in their professional life. In addition, effective and good technician schools are needed and the government should take radical steps to promote such school so that the people of Pakistan take full benefit from these institutes.

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