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Essay on Street Beggars in Pakistan

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Essay on Street Beggars in Pakistan must enough to understand the reasons of this problem. The ratio of street beggaring is increasing in Pakistan day by day. Today our country is suffering from poverty which has forced many people to commit suicide, forced parents to sell their kids and forced young generation to start begging. According to survey, a large number of people in Pakistan are living under poverty line earning just 100Rs per day; this is the major reason due to which they are unable to live a reasonable life. On the other hand a street beggar is earning more than a normal person. So, people are frequently moving towards this profession.

    Street Begging is considered to be an easy way of earning a reasonable amount. This is the major reason that mostly young people are seen begging on streets. This profession now has become a mafia where young males, females and children’s are trained, located to specific stations. These beggars are mostly from backward areas, where people are not families with their basic rights. They earn around 150-250 rupees per day. They have to handover that money to the head of that mafia. This beggar’s mafia is exploiting the children. If someone takes that money to his home, he will be punished. Some baggers are affected with some painful treatments. So that people give them more in sympathy. Some time beggars are addicted of cigarette and drugs.

    But some people beg on their own risk. They are not working under any professional (mafia). They are just beggingessay because they don’t have any job so that they can earn halal money for them. We must have to plan some funds and zakat for these needy for that they will not beg and will not adopt it as a profession.

    Now it’s government duty to make some policies for street begging. And there must be a strict plan for professional (mafia). So, that they will not do hurt humanity. To give job opportunities to those poor who are not well educated.

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