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    For a comprehensive stats, the calculator of custom duty on cars in Pakistan 2024 will greatly help to knows that how much tax has imposed on you on this import. This is different with respect to couple of factors that are also describe further. Before this detail it’s important to know about custom duty and why it is apply on imported cars. Moving towards first question that is basic of custom duty then basically it is tax that government charges on every car when it come from other country. Further the reason of the custom duty is that because these vehicles are not manufacture in Pakistan, so when they come in Pakistan its necessary to pay tax to use it. The vehicles that are manufacture in Pakistan then custom duty is already include in its given price.

    Custom Duty on Cars in Pakistan 2024:

    Moving next to third important thing that on which factors Custom Duty on Cars in Pakistan 2024 is dependent then it cover two major factors that are:

    • Engine Capacity
    • According to Year

    Furthermore, the following is the table that has the duties details of Asian Makers cars import.

    Cars CC Approx. Custom Duty + Tax Figure
    Below 800cc 14,50,000 Rupees
    In range of 800cc to till 1000cc 18,30,000 Rupees
    Cars of 1001cc to range of 1300cc 39,80,000 Rupees
    Automobiles of 1301cc to 1500cc 54,75,000 Rupees
    Cars of 1501 to till 1600 67,10,000 Rupees
    Jeep of range 1601 to 1800 84,22,000 Rupees

    There are few other amount that need to added in form of some other expenses in form of shipping excise and documentation form.

    Car Custom Duty Calculator Pakistan 2024:

    It’s a general calculator that will calculate approximate duty on cars that will apply when they reach in Pakistan. So, provide the necessary figures and get an round amount.

    • An approximate cars custom duty is already stated.

    These are two major points that are directly related to custom duty. As engine capacity of car is increase its custom duty is also automatically increase and as one enter is latest model then price of custom is also enhanced.

    calculate the amount

    Import Duty on Cars in Pakistan 2024:

    The above stats shows that Import duty on cars in Pakistan 2024 is different for Asian makers and other countries import cars. So, plz note them also for better idea. Most probably, the official will uncover these figures soon. Majority of Pakistanis has this desire to import this car so they all are want to know duty of these vehicles.

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