Warid 4G LTE Sim Replacement Reserve Online LTE SIM

Warid is the best and standardized network at all and it has gained too much popularity in Pakistan. As we know that every one is talking about 4G Network just because of its high internet speed. Here we have given you Warid 4G LTE Sim Replacement Reserve Online LTE SIM so that all those who are in want to order 4G SIM online in Pakistan. To avail the 4G service requires a 4g Enabled handset at the first place to enjoy the high speed internet. As we know that Warid is a GSM, 4G LTE based mobile operator in Pakistan. Warid is considered as one of the largest mobile network in Pakistan, it was the seventh mobile operator to enter in the Pakistani market it commenced commercial operation in the year of 2005.

In all over the world warid is considered as the fifth largest mobile service in the term of subscribers over 12.9 million and it is also having a market share of 9% among the cellular operators.

It is telecommunication industry which is having the headquarter in the city of headquater and Muneer Farooqui is Chief Executive Officer of Warid. The main products of warid are Mobile services, data services, Mobile banking and Blackberry solution.

So that was the short introduction of Warid Pakistan and now we are going to tell you about the warid lte sim replacement under here:


To order a new 4G Warid SIM online all you need to do is to visit the website www.waridtel.com/lte/vas/reserve-lte-sim and fill out the form. For Sim replacement you will have to provide your name, number, CNIC, City and address. You can easily reserve the LTE Sim and enjoy the high speed browsing, downloading and streaming in a whole new dimension just with the LTE warid sim. So what are you waiting for, just get on the warid site and reserve a LTE Sim with Warid . To get more technology offers stay in touch with this page and get all what you need to get.

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