Warid Internet Packages 2022

If one rewind the biggest deals of telecom sector in Pakistan, then the selling of Warid is one of the huge from them. Yes, everyone understand but users are still concerned about Warid internet packages 2022 and the major one is monthly and weekly buckets. Yes, all of the existing users are automatically switched to a new network. So, the packages of the new company are now apply on Warid sim user. So, don’t worry and note them because they will not disappoint you. Hopefully, you will get better services then before and also get more bundle offers.

Warid Monthly Internet Packages 2022:

  • This all of monthly internet Packages and Buckets by the Warid in 2022 has covered five or six new and attractive packages including 6GB, 15GB, 25 GB and 22 GB data. Now you can simply connect and easily search for information on the go with this network enabled handsets.
Warid Internet Bundle Type Monthly Activation Code Charges
12GB Net Bundle (From Which 6GB are useable from 2am to 2pm) *117*30# 350 Rupees
25GB Data Bucket( 10GB Youtube) + 250 All network minute) *2000# 640 Rupees
22 GB Data( In which 12 GB from 2 AM to 2 PM) *117*32# 530 Rupees

Some details and pricing information related to the new

Warid Weekly and Daily Internet Packages 2022 are:

As its now a giant body, so they have much in their buckets. Yes, it will also increase the expectation of the users that they got much better from it.

Warid 1GB Internet Bucket:
* Daily Charges for @ Rs. 23/day
* Code is, SMS *117*4#
* Validity after 24 hours

2GB Mobile Internet Bucket:
* Its for Daily purpose @ Rs 15/from 12am to 12 pm
* To activate, SMS *757#
* Its expires at 12am daily

4GB Net Bundle:
* Weekly Net Bundle @ Rs. 170/1 Week
* Subscription Code, SMS *117*47#

Warid Mobile Internet Packages And Buckets

Official Statements:

It is formal declaration by Warid Telecom to merge with a new brand with their improved service. This will enhance Warid one step ahead in this line. In new Improved version of the offer, their is greater reliability, speed and one stop solution for all your data needs across the nation. It will enhances the experience of mobile internet and users can enjoy the fastest internet service of this country.

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