Wi-tribe Double Volume Offers On Its 3rd Anniversary

This net providing brand has now increased and amplified the volume of their bundles. Along tis they have also upgraded their network. You can get high speed attach with high volume through this amazing offer. We know that your online appetite in increasing on the daily basis. So to compensate this, this volume offer is here for you. If one is going in elaboration of this package, then Wi-tribe now offer Double Volume to their customers on 3rd Anniversary and everything was absolutely free of cost for the month of June. Wi-tribe says that its not only our festival so we cannot celebrate it alone, our every customer is a part of this celebrations so we want to share the celebrations with our customers in June. So if you think, you need more and more internet volume packages, you can try the above one packages and bundles.

So this Double Volume offer throughout June as the result of this special month, so now customers can enjoy best browsing speed. Probably this step also help them, to multiply the customers. This is good for them as well for customer to.

Wi-tribe Offers Double Volume

  • Process:

There is not any hidden criteria of this offer, company just double your volume in happiness of their 3rd anniversary.

Wi-tribe is mainly focus on Customer- centricity, Quality and Human Capital and offering a wide range of product and services. Wi-tribe always try to enhance the user’s online experience and try to give its customer more and more offer almost after every 3 to 4 months. Their services are the best in this country with the packages that can be easily in one’s reach.

Now its time for their third year of establishment so they just want to share its happiness and joy with all its customers so double volume offered to every customer this month.

This offer will automatically activated from the 1st June 2012 on all the Wi-tribe packages so you do not have to activate this offer. And yes for prepaid customers, Numbers of hours per recharge will be doubled.

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