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    Over the past few years, Zong tried different 4G devices to deliver the best broadband internet facility in Pakistan. In addition, they presented a different type of Zong 4G device price in Pakistan 2024 that comprise a different type of volume. From the time of launching to now, they make changes in their bundles to facilitate the users in best possible way. Their newly introductory bundles have covered five different types of volume. Meanwhile, this time, they added three more different types of packages based on the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months validity period. Through this, the bundle price is going cheaper. Hopefully, everyone will like it.

    Zong 4G Device Price 2024:

    Yet, any one of Zong 4g device price 2024 does not consist of unlimited data. The maximum volume that these devices will offer is 200GB. Further, the complete price table is also listing there too.

    Zong Device Price in Pakistan

    As of recent, this network has three different kinds of devices. Furthermore, the Zong 4g device price 2024 is different. And their present cost is:

    Bolt Device Price Simple Bolt is of 999 Rupees
    MBB Device
    Same as bolt + device price
    Zong 4g bolt+ Plus Device Price in Pakistan 2024
    It’s of “5,500 Rupees”

    Sometime, one will buy these devices at discounted rates. Like in near past, the company was offered Bolt+ (Fiber Home) device in just 2500 rupees. But these are just the limited time offer.

    Zong 4G Device Packages 2024 Monthly:

    About all of the Zong 4g device offer monthly have offered good volume for the users. But, your usage is the best decider to pick anyone among them.

    Volume 65GB 160GB (From 4 Am to 4 PM usage of 80 GB is its part) 200GB (Usage of 100 GB from 4 Am to 4 PM is its part)
    Price 2,100 Rupees 2,600 Rupees 3300 Rupees

    Note: These are the same for all type of Zong 4G Devices. Furthermore, the signal strength and connectivity of these devices are different from each other.

    “3 Month Packages”

    Through this, one will save about 500 Rupees. But one needs to pay this amount collectively.

    Volume 65GB per Month
    Price 5750( For Three months)

    “6 Month Packages”

    This half year bundle are one of the best rupees saving bundles by Zong 4g device. Through which one will require to pay only 10,000 instead of 15,000 rupees.

    Volume 105GB per Month( This has addition 30 GB that are from 4 Am to 4 Pm)
    Price 12,500( For Six months)

    a new charges

    Zong 4G Device 1 Year Bundle:

    This is the cheapest bundle of this year. So, if one will afford this amount at the time, then surely go towards this one.

    Volume 105GB per Month
    Price 23,000( For 12 months)

    This is an entire summary of Zong 4G Device Price in Pakistan 2024 that will probably change with the promotion. Otherwise, in normal routine, this is the latest update detail. Subsequently, right now everyone the device will offer up a speed that is just brilliant.

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