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load shedding in pakistan essay

There are number of problems which exist in Pakistan,among these problem  Load sheeding is the one major problem of Pakistan .There are several reasons of Load shedding.Here we discussed few of them and then its effect on the Pakistan.The first main reason of load shedding is energy crisis,these crisis are due to small number of dams or may be due to miss use of electricity or may be some other reasons also effect,a huge number of person used electricity without pay its bill so it also cause load shedding in Pakistan.In presence of  load shedding progress is not possible in Pakistan.Here we also discussed about some problem which happens due to Load shedding.

 load shedding in pakistan essay

 load shedding in pakistan essay

load shedding in pakistan essay is discussed here.

The first problem which happened due to load shedding is the failure of industry in Pakistan .This effect badly on all types of industry.In mini industry there is no alternative source of electricity so when load shedding started these industries stop their work.In big industry although they have a source of electricity but if they produce electricity from their own source then its cost become very high.So due to this work is not done in any type of industry.But the mot badly effected industry is the electronic industry.So due to this no investor invest on industry in Pakistan and day by bay Pakistan goes down rapidlly.

Another problem which exist due to load shedding is the business in markets due to this markets also effected, no work done mostly in night time.Although many problems occurred in day time but some business has to be done but in night time all shops in markets closed.So economically its has very worst effect on Pakistan.As every one know that students are ingredient for the progress of any country but major  bad effect occurred on studies is due to load shedding, students do not decide proper time for their studies.

Basically Pakistan is a agricultural country most of Pakistan economy depend on its agriculture Due to load shedding , water problem damaged the crops.There are many other  aspect through which load shedding effect on agriculture.


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