How to Buy Pepsi Drinks with Mobilink Mobile Balance Service Procedure

Pepsi and mobilink are two main companies which are working in Pakistan from few decades. These both companies have a large number of employee and customers. Both these companies give some packages to their customers for their interest and business pint of view. As their routine now mobilink give a interesting and easier package for mobilink customers who are using mobilink network. How to get Pepsi drinks with mobilink mobile balance service? Isn’t this Is a interesting package?

Pepsi Drinks with Mobilink Mobile

The detailed procedure of this package that how we can get drink by just entering some code from our mobiles and get drinks is given below:

The mobilink customers just send a blank SMS with a short code and after send blank message to mobilink with a given code. Mobilink will send return back a unique code of 7 digit to the cutomer who send blank message. Pepsi installed a vending machine in Lahore and Islamabad now and if they get large profit from this interesting technology, they will install some other vending machine at other cities of Pakistan as well. Now the seven digit code which is receivrd from mobilink enter into the vending machine and after authorization vending machine will give you pepsi drink.

How we can use this service:

Through following steps we can get drink form this offer:

1)    Send a blank SMS on 7054 for Pepsi drink.

2)    Send a blank SMS on 7055 for Aquafina.

3)    Send a blank SMS on 7056 for sting bottle.

If u will send a blank SMS on above given codes you will get a 7 digit code from mobilink. When you will enter that seven digit code into the vending machine you will get your desire drinks.

Charges deducted from this offer:

Following charges will be deducted from your balance.

1)    If you want to get Pepsi drink, Rs.35 will be deducted from your balance.

2)    If you want to get aquafina , Rs.25 will be deducted from your balance.

3)    If you want to get sting bottle, Rs .55 will be deducted from your balance.

There are no additional charges deducted from your balance other than price of the drinks.

This service is just for mobilink customers. People who are using pre paid and post paid both can get advantage from this offer. But one thing should kept in mind that maximum limit to get drinks in 1 day is 5 bottles. More than 5 bottles are not allowed.

If the machine is switch off than it will not give drinks. If RED light is ON it means machine is out of stock so don’t press the vending selection. If you have any complain regarding to the vending machine you can contact helpline 0512256166.

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