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Lahore Garrison University LGU Fee Structure 2024 Fall, Spring

Posted by hasnain sial
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    An full list of Lahore Garrison University LGU fee structure 2024 for Science, Arts, and Commerce programs has comprised of Science (B.SC, BS, M.Sc, M.Sc (Hons), MCS), Arts( BA, BS, MA) and Commerce (B.Com IT, M.Com, BBA, MBA), M.Phil courses. In fact, LGU is a growing educational institute that take initiative with a minimum system. They work hard and within a period of time, they succeed to get a certificate from the charted university. Now they expand their work on two different campuses named Jinnah Campus and Walton Campus. Both campuses are full of all those facilities that are necessary for students. They never compromise on their standards because LGU makes their name due to quality study.

    Now those students that have awareness about modern studies must prefer this educational institute. For admissions to Lahore Garrison University, the latest LGU fee structure 2024 for fall and spring is similar.

    LGU Fee Structure Spring 2024

    First is the spring session and LGU fee structure 2024 spring which is for every of the program. Moreover, the fee is normally remain unchanged for the whole year.

    • Faculty of Basic Sciences:

    This department has followed two fees that are again set on the bases of degree type. Number of their semester are also similar but expenses are different.

    Department Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Total Fee
    Basic Sciences 104,000 Rupees 841,712 Rupees

    Note: Above fee is implementing on following degrees.

    • BS Bio-Chemistry
    • BS Bio-Technology
    • BS Microbiology
    • BS Botany Zoology

    Next is:

    Department (Same) Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Total Fee
    Basic Sciences 99,000 Rupees 808,448 Rupees

    And this fee is for below programs:

    • BS Chemistry
    • BS Mathematics
    • BS Statistics
    • BS Physics

    They have a proper language department too and this become their identity. As name shows the targeted subject that are Urdu and English and their fees are:

    • Department of Languages
    Course / Program Name Duration of Course Overall 4-Year Fee
    BS English Four Years 646,416
    BS Urdu Four Years 646,416

    An biggest faculty and large number of BS programs are under Social Sciences and the fee of them is also in three variations.

    • Department:
    Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Total Fee
    Social Sciences 104,328 Rupees 821,712 Rupees

    Note: Following are the programs who follow above fee:

    • BS Accounting and Finance
    • BS Mass Communication
    • BS Home Economics
    • BS Economics
    • BS International Relations

    Few other are:

    Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Total Fee
    Social Sciences 115,196 Rupees 921,440 Rupees

    This is applied on these programs:

    • BS Clinical Psychology
    • BS Applied Psychology

    BS Islamic Studies Total Fee is: 646,416 Rupees

    • This year Admission Notice:

    the current schedule of them

    LGU Fee Structure Fall 2024:

    Right now, the fee structure for the fall session has yet not been separated by the administration of LGU. When fall admission will come then the management will make it clear.

    Contact Number 0322: 3914040

    LGU Fee Structure for BSCS 2024:

    With wide expertise in computer science section, Lahore Garrison University proper offers a BSCS course but everyone not aware of fees or charges for the Semester base. In addition, LGU fee for BSCS and others are.

    Department Per Semester Fee(Approx.) Total Fee
    Computer Sciences 115,196 Rupees 909,440 Rupees

    Other same like options are:

    • BS (CS)
    • BS Software Engineering
    • BS Information Technology
    • BST&N
    • BS Data Science
    • BS Artificial

    Lahore Garrison University BBA and MBA Fee Structure:

    Of either bachelors and masters level, BBA or MBA are the productive choices through which one will learn many of business techniques. The fee of them is:

    Course / Program Name Total Fee
    BBA 901,440 Rupees
    MBA 326,050 Rupees

    Everytime, Lahore Garrison University decide to open the admission for whole faculties at the same time. Through this students get more opportunities to apply to multiple programs but this is necessary to know the LGU fee structure 2024 because every program’s charges are different. Meanwhile, when they will open the admission for Fall or Spring then firstly review all these basics that are need of coming applicants too.

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