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Super Asia Room Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024

Posted by hasnain sial
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    In the season of Summer, usage of Super Asia Room Cooler increased and every year company introduced room cooler with different technologies. Due to high temp people feel bad in 2024 and now looking at the Super Asia room air cooler price in Pakistan. Yes, some of the audience is going to buy a room cooler for the first time and now asking Which cooler is best for room? and Which is the best room air cooler in Pakistan? Definitely, Super Asia is a well-known and well-reputed company who is operating for several years. Even at every home people are using Super Asia products because they are not just making the room cooler while they are making multiple products.

    Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • The bundle of air cooler models is now in the market but shop owners are selling at different prices. For the facilitation of people firstly gather Super Asia air cooler price in Pakistan 2024 and then go into the market and buy.

    The company claim that they used total copper wire in Room Air cooler because the copper wire does not easily hot well as copper wire consumes electric current low as compare to the local wire. Furthermore, the price chart is:

    Model Price
    JC-777 AUTO SUPER SONIC 21,500 Rupees
    JC-777 PLUS SUPERSONIC 20,500 Rupees
    ECM-5000 AUTO COOL STAR 24,200 Rupees
    ECM-5000 PLUS COOL STAR 22,500 Rupees
    ECM-4500 AUTO SUPER COOL 19,500 Rupees
    ECM-4500 PLUS SUPER COOL 19,000 Rupees
    ECM-4500 PLUS DC SUPER COOL 17,500 Rupees
    ECM-4800 PLUS RAPID COOL 20,500 Rupees
    ECM-4500 SUPER COOL 19,000 Rupees
    ECM-4500 DC SUPER COOL 17,800 Rupees
    ECM-5000 COOL STAR 21,300 Rupees

    Super Asia Air Cooler ECM 5000 Price in Pakistan:

    The latest model of Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 5000 exists in two types and both variant’s prices are in the table. They are really good in size.

    • Furthermore, the auto variant’s price is Rs: 24,500 while the second variant is plus cool and the price is Rs: 22,900.

    Super Asia Room Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • Their are few more hit variants of this brand whom performance is really good. Although they are not like the Ac but this must be a good option for those who can afford air conditioner. So, plz check them and enjoy their cooling.

    of air cooler list of its cost

    Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 6500 Price in Pakistan

    Recently, the company launched the ECM 6500 model Room cooler and people want to take the price originally because brokers are telling different. Exact amount of this model is Rs. 23,500.

    Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 4500 plus Price in Pakistan

    Among the model, ECM 4500 also well liked by the peoples because its price is less then the other ones and second it fit well in the rom. And, this also cause its high demand. One will buy it in only 19 Thousand rupees that is surely came in capacity of many buyers, which remain it in the good demand.

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