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Suzuki Mehran EFI EURO 2 Reviews, Price and Specifications In Pakistan

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    Well there would be no one who is not aware from the word Suzuki. It is one of the distinguished and yet the famous known cars brand in Pakistan. This brand has all the time won the hearts of millions of people by introducing something fresh and special in cars category.  As we know that many cars brand are increasingly emerging in the market and on the other hand a strong competition is prevailing in the market so how can it be expected that Suzuki would left behind. Freshly, Suzuki has introduced the newest and hottest Mehran EFI EURO 2 car in Pakistan. As it was introduced all the world therefore Pakistan has firstly arrived in the race in attaining the Mehran VX and Mehran VXR that is filled with tremendously strong and tough EFI engine stuff. At first Suzuki only highlighted this car all the way through print media but the car will soon become the king of the roads in the middle of June and July 2012. In this article we are discussing the top notable and eminent salient features and specifications of Suzuki Mehran EFI EURO 2.

    Suzuki Mehran EFI Euro 2 Price And Specifications In Pakistan

    Suzuki Mehran EFI Euro 2 Price And Specifications In Pakistan


    • This is one of the first cars that are filled with the capacity stand of EFI engine.
    • The car is highly introduced in many metallic colors shades that are appearing to be attractive for the public.
    • The whole car has been given the fine body shape.
    • Moreover, the spacious cabin inside the strong that are covered with the metallic body material.


                                                                The colors that are available in Suzuki Mehran EFI Euro 2 are as follows:

    • Silky Silver
    • Solid White
    • Pearl Red
    • Light Blue
    • Grey


                                                                      Now let us discuss the specifications of Suzuki Mehran EURO 2:

    • The total numbers of doors include in the car are five.
    • The actual length of the car is 3,300 and height is 1, 4100.
    • The capacity of turning the wheels is about 4.4mm.
    • Total number of seats is five that can easily afforded maximum five people.
    • The fuel tank can accompany maximum 30L.
    • Moreover, the CNG tank can excess 40L.


                                                     The actual price of Mehran EURO VX is Rs.555000 while the price of Mehran VXR EURO II is Rs. 607000.

    On the whole all the Suzuki lovers finally a new model has arrives in the market at very least affordable rates. Just rush now before the stock gets over.


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    1. Khuzaima Qasim says:

      I Got My Euro II Just Few Days Ago . Yes it is bit spacious than Previous One Its Seats are More Comfortable than Previous, Its Egine is More sound that Previous and its Pick and Power is quite More than Previous. But On the Other Hand its Rear (Back) Shocks are Faulty and needs replacement as you buy your new car. Further It is Higly Suggested while improving the car please add a Defauger at Trunk window as it is highly necessary during driving the car in rainy seasons.

    2. Ahmad says:

      i got a mehran euro2 for my 18th birthday and this veg is epic… Seriously i love it… The smoke green colour gives it a spexial new look and the only fault in mehran from 2004 ia brakes… Hope suzuki solves it soon… Btw i just loved the vehicle… I was planning to buy a 660cc japanese alto but when i went to showrooms and dealers… This mehran was wayy better… Simply loving itttttt <3

    3. ali says:

      wait kam kia hay breaks r bullshit shame on u suzuki pakistan

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