Ufone Ramadan Offers Free Calls from Sehri to Iftar

Now Ufone launched Ufone Ramadan Offers Free Calls from Sehri to Iftari. This time they facilitate their users from Sehar time to Iftar time by offering free calls from Ufone in form of Ufone Ramzan Package. This offer is announce regards to Holly month Ramzan because in this Holly month Muslims try to facilitate each other in several ways. While in this month they also try to make in contact between each other in order to communicate on various topics. During this month almost every cellular network in Pakistan offers various attractive packages. So Ufone lies among one top cellular network in Pakistan so it’s their responsibility that they launch this type of attractive offer. This time they relate this offer with Sehri and Iftar while they also cover on net and off net users. For on net users they give you 200 minutes that customer allows to use with in specific period of time. While if one to make calls on PTCL numbers then within 6 rupees they allow make unlimited calls. Further detail of this offer is given as below.

Ufone Ramadan Offers Free Calls from Sehri to Iftar

Ufone Ramadan Offers Free Calls from Sehri to Iftari

Ufone Ramadan Offers Free Calls from Sehri to Iftar is given there…

Subscription Procedure:

A very simple procedure is announced to subscribe this offer. One just dial *6161# and then you get advantage from this Ufone Ramazan Offer.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer only covers on net and PTCL numbers.
  • While in order to make calls on other network announced charge will detect.
  • This offer is available on Tension Free Basic Package. While on other packages this is not available.
  • Un limited minutes means that you can get 200 free minutes.
  • They also announce this offer only for prepaid users.

Time period for this offer:

  1. This offer is announced from 3 am to 7 pm.
  2. One can also get benefit from 1st Ramazan to till 25th Ramazan.

In short this is one best offer that Ufone announced for their users. A question arise regards to off net and postpaid users. It will accept that within days they must answer these questions. So those that are eligible to activate this offer must get advantage and convert their package through which they get this offer.

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