Ufone Unlimited Mobile Internet Offer – Free after First one MB usage

A good news for the users of Ufone that now they can get benefit from the unlimited mobile internet offer. They can get this free bundle after the usage of first one MB. This is second time when they announced this type of offer. Initially they had done experiment through sms offer that after sending 5 SMS one can get 500 free sms. They get a best response for this offer due to which this time they target mobile internet users. Now as smartphones trends will go to its peak so majority of mobile users prefer to use internet on their phones. On the other side Ufone always take care of their users so it’s necessary to announce an offer that beneficial for their network users. Other detail of this offer is in below part.

Often cellular net works has not offered such offers, but through this they proves that they are special one. No one can beat them in this race.

Free after First one MB usage Ufone Unlimited Mobile Internet Offer

Offer Detail:

Charges for usage of first MB will detect that are 20 rupees and then for whole day mobile internet will become free. Terms and Conditions are also applied for this offer that is also given as below.

Terms and Conditions:

  • There are nit extra charges that are activate at time of subscription.
  • This offer will valid from 12 of a Night to 12 of another Night. In other words this will remains for 24 hours.
  • Only prepaid users of Ufone get benefit from this offer. Postpaid or subscribers that activate some other offer will not get benefit from this offer.
  • Most important condition is that the subscribers that use some other internet offer cannot get benefit from this offer.

Now time limit for this offer is not announced. It does not confirm that from which period of time to which period it will activate. So as this offer will remains Ufone users has golden chance to get benefit from Ufone Unlimited Mobile Internet Offer. Browse every thing you like, or communicate with your related person through net.

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