Zong Mini Internet Bundle 2013 For Daily Package

Have you started making the use of Zong mini internet bundle 2013 for daily packages? Well if no then you are surely missing the most precious chance! Zong has been one of the top leading cellular companies in Pakistan. This cellular network was previously known as Paktel in Pakistan. Ever since their creation with new name they have gain the attention of many people with their interesting and much refreshing packages. They have even succeeded in grabbing the attention of other network customers as well. This time Zong has highlighted yet another most thrilling internet offer for their fans. This offer has been named with the name of “Mini” because it is not just serving the patrons with the lowest internet rates but is even granting them with the least validity time scale as well. But the users need not to worry anymore because this internet will offer the users with the high full speed of internet that will be approximate 4 MB and that too at the minimum rates of Rs. 3.99 plus tax.

Zong Mini Internet Bundle 2013 For Daily Package

Zong Mini Internet Bundle 2013 For Daily Package 001


  • If the users want to take pleasure from this mini internet offer then they can activate by sending the message as “SUB” to 5909.
  • If they want to get rid from this service at any point of time they can send SMS as “UNSUB” to 5910.
  • This offer has been just set for the Zong prepaid customers.
  • This package will just be available for one day and after one day of valid time period the user have to again activate this offer.
  • The rates for the package activation are Rs. 3.99 plus tax.
  • The internet will run at the maximum speed of 4MB.
  • There are not additional rates for activating and deactivating the package.
  • If the users want to get free from the mini internet bundle then they firstly have to stay free from the existing Zong package.
  • Just make sure that after 12 hours if the user will use the internet then he or she will be charged at normal rates because the validity time will be all over.

Well we hope that all the Zong customers would be excited enough to make the use of this offer. So just get activated now and take fun from the fast and furious internet for the one whole day. HAVE FUN…….

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