Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2016 Price Haier Super Asia Dawlance

In previous time people wash their clothes on hands and spend most of his time in this practice. But with the progress of time, style of cleansing clothes was change with introduction of washing machine. This is a drum type machine with tub along with a powerful electric motor. After this so many changes seen in this type of appliance that make it more advance. Even now with addition of dryer it’s really easy to dry. In Pakistan numbers of companies worked on it among these best one are sorting here that offer best quality in reasonable price range in 2016. Haier Super Asia and Dawlance are top brand names that are at top manufacturer for such kind of appliances. With passage of time there are so many changes seen in it that makes it special one.

Features of these Modern One:

Through these you can save time, water and electricity that make your life very busy. These are really useful for all those women who have no enough time for work. So they can do other activities in saving time along with clean clothes.

Secondly these are not harmful for any kind of fabric, in past soft and precious are not suitable for these machines. But now this is appropriate for every type of clothes.

Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2016 Price:

Now these top three top manufacturer introduce huge number of models, there prices are ranges in between 10,000 to 50,000 Rupees. In below their official websites names are mention, just visit these places, select your favorite model according to required specs(Automatic or Single Tub) and goes to Outlet from where one can get exact Idea.


Official Sites:


Surely there are numbers of latest models to choose but some important things which are necessary for choosing any model, given below…….

  • Energy Consumption
  • Drum Size
  • Spin Speed
  • Different Wash Modes

Beside this there are some special features in each machine for the improvement of quality and work just like Ecobubble technology which is useful for clean clothes. In Pakistan above companies offered these all features in there appliances that are also easy to use.  Along this these has low noise, vibration free, plastic body as well as strong overflow rinse so. Above tips is a best guide line for purchasing anyone which save electricity and time. Few companies also offer these appliances in low price but never go those one because they are harmful for your clothes.

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