Hybrid Cars Technology Details and Working Procedure

“Hybrid” means the something of mixed origin. A hybrid vehicle is one that combines a smaller-than-normal internal combustion gasoline engine with the electric motor of an electric-powered vehicle. Vehicle is driven by hybrid engine, which is an engine combines two or more source like electricity and gasoline. There are further types of engines Parallel hybrid and Series hybrid technology respectively. The technology to made these are quite different from each other , Both of them produce less pollution and smoke, produce much less power of around 60-90hp respectively. Both are generally designed to be more aerodynamic than most cars, allowing them to move through the air instead of pushing it out of the way.

Hybrid Cars Technology

  • The working principle of these hybrid cars is, these cars use electric power at starts and stops, low speeds generally below 15mph. At higher speeds, such as steady highway cruising, computers automatically switch on the gas-burning engine, which then takes over as the primary driving force of the car. Typically, the small engine is designed with variable valve timing intelligence, or VVT-I, and other advances to ensure that the fuel is burned most efficiently and completely Gasoline engine and electric motor works together to move the car forward. Hybrid electric petroleum engine is actually the plug-in-electric-vehicle is becoming more and more common. It has the range needed in locations where there are wide gaps with no services. The batteries can be plugged into house (mains) electricity for charging, as well being charged while the engine is running. Further hybrids have the three main terms to define. Full hybrid can move solely on electric power. Mild hybrid: Requires at least some gasoline to power the transmission Stop-Start Hybrids: Use electric power only while idling or during vehicle deceleration.
  • Different voltages are being used by the hybrid cars like 12Volts for all the vehicles, 144Volts for all the Honda Vehicles, 300Volts for Toyota first generation Prius Hybrids. These heavy voltages above 20 Volts are dangerous for human.
  • These types of cars are being used in all over the world and being widely liked by the people respectively.

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